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How Does Criminal Record Affect Your Life?

Incarceration is as dreadful as it sounds. Even after charges are dropped, the criminal record doesn’t wash away. In some cases, legal authorities might decide to delete it after a certain number of years, but it’ll have a deep and long lasting impact on your life.

In any event, it’s imperative to avoid criminal prosecution and arrest—not just for the sake of your freedom—but also to prevent criminal history from haunting your future.

What is a Criminal Record?

A criminal record is an entry against a person, registered and administered by the US Police Department throughout the country. This record is available to intelligence, law enforcement, and other authorized agencies through the police information center.

A criminal record contains your identity information, legal charges, conviction data, biometric history, DNA, and much more.

Discover five ways in which a criminal record might hamper you from living your life to the fullest.

1.    Employment

A mark on your reputation and trustworthiness—even if you’re innocent—can hamper your ability to land a good job with good prospects and income. Employers are particularly diffident about hiring people with a criminal record and consider them as untrustworthy and unreliable.

Moreover, you might even be asked about your criminal record in a job interview. Employers don’t hesitate to inquire about felonies or misdemeanors, and all these questions must be answered truthfully.

2.    Renting or Leasing a Property

A criminal record in rental and lease applications is a major red flag. Landlords may not accept your application, and finding a home in a respectable and safe neighborhood can become quite a challenge.

In other words, your criminal record can become a decisive factor in the landlord’s final decision.

3.    Credit Score

Although criminal charges do not show on your credit report, its impact can be definitive and long-lasting. In case you’re convicted and sent to jail, your credit might suffer due to unpaid bills, due rentals, and other payables.

Since payments make up 35% of your total credit score, removing a glitch in this area can take as long as seven years.

4.    Reputation

A felonious history can also shake your reputation in public. If you have a criminal record in the US, people may act more cautious, watchful, and distant around you, including your family members and friends.

Whether you committed a crime or not, you could find yourself excluded from occasions and the community due to the sensitive and psychological discomfort that environs a criminal conviction.

5.    Driving and Other Privileges

A criminal record can also result in a loss of your driving license. Depending on the severity of your offense, your license might be suspended or confiscated for 180 days or more.

Moreover, the US police department might require you to complete a drug education course before granting you the right to drive.

In addition, criminal history also impacts your ability to adopt a child, immigrate, get admission in an educational institute, or travel.

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Sometimes, you can end up in jail even when you haven’t committed a crime. Since you’re the individual whose lawfulness is being called into question, you can’t technically assure for yourself and call it a valid assurance.

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