Here’s how having A Criminal Record Affects You

We’ve all been the right person at the wrong place and time. Bad things can happen to good people. Being arrested is one of these. It’s like a red mark that remains fixed on your school progress report even if you get a dozen As after that.

If you’ve been convicted of a crime that was not entirely your fault, don’t be disheartened. Help is always available. All you have to do is get a bail bond agent on board to pay for your bail and start preparing for your trial.

But before that, let’s see how having a criminal record may impact your life in the long run:

Repeated offense

Even if you were convicted for a minor traffic offense, the fine amount will increase if you’re accused for a second time. Let’s say you’ve been caught over-speeding. The police officer will immediately check whether you have similar records. If you do, you will be charged extra—$1000 in this case. On the other hand, a first-time offender will be asked to pay $500 only.

In certain cases, the police might resort to more severe measures simply because you’re considered a habitual offender. This can also affect your bail decision. The next time, your judge might not grant you bail at all if you come off as untrustworthy. In short, your standing with the local police and the judge is affected.

Financial cost

Being convicted and going to jail means a significant drop in your workdays. In cases of extended jail time, this can also lead to loss of employment. Not every individual has the means to pay for their bail and legal cost of being behind bars—and at the same time, support their family.

If you’ve been charged with DUI and the authorities have restricted your license, you’ll find it hard to get to the office every day. Loss of transportation can also be a contributing factor for loss of employment if it persists for too long.

Let’s talk about insurance. Most insurance services discriminate against defendants even if they have a record of unspent convictions.

They’ll either use it as an excuse to charge higher premiums or refuse their services altogether. Even if you were convicted for a traffic violation and are applying for insurance as irrelevant to the case as home insurance, your request could still be denied.


For most jobs and public offices, you need to prove that you’ve never been convicted or else you won’t be eligible to apply. Even most local and foreign educational institutions ask you to disclose your criminal record so they can judge your profile accordingly.

This effect goes beyond your career. You won’t be allowed to adopt a child, get a bank loan or run for public office. Even if you were cleared for all the charges and were able to prove yourself not guilty, the effects still (sadly) linger on.

Depending on the severity of the case, you might up getting a travel ban too. Most countries including the ones in Europe don’t permit visas if you have a criminal record.

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