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How to Get A Criminal Conviction Off Your Record?

A criminal record holds complete details of a person’s criminal convictions and arrests maintained by the US Police department and the criminal justice system. Stats show that every 1 in 3 American adults—almost 70 million people in the country—have a criminal record. This means that at least 30 million US kids have one parent with a felonious history. Continue reading

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Loved One or Lawyer? Who to Call After an Arrest

Around 27,000 arrests happen all over the United States every day. A person can be arrested for various charges. What’s important is how you handle yourself in such a situation. The best thing you can do for yourself in such a situation is stay quiet. You have the right to remain silent because the information you share can be used in court. You also have a right to an attorney, unfortunately most people aren’t aware of their rights and often don’t know how to proceed after being arrested.

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Understanding Your Miranda Rights

We’ve all heard the Miranda rights at some point—in TV shows, movies, and for some of us, they may have been read out to us in real-life during what we might recall as some of the most intimidating situations we’ve ever been. But most people don’t actually know or understand what their Miranda rights mean for them or how they’ve come about.

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How to Avoid Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is incredibly dangerous. Not only are you endangering your life, but you’re also putting other motorists, pedestrians, and property at risk. Drunk driving in Indiana is taken very seriously; depending on the circumstances, you can be fined up to $5,000, spend a year in jail, or be subjected to a license suspension for up to 2 years. A drunk driving charge taints your record, which is why it’s essential to avoid it at all costs.

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