A man is sitting on his house sofa serving pre-trial home confinement order.

Everything You Need to Know About Pre-Trial Home Confinement

Pre-trial home confinement is also known as house arrest and can be quite exhausting and stressful, with all the restrictions imposed on the defendant.

As per this order, the court orders the accused to remain at home until the case hearing. The exceptions are only made for certain needs, such as work-related activities, or emergency needs, such as medical care.

The main purpose of this order is to monitor the movements of the accused and ensure that they appear in court when called upon. In this way, the defendant can perform all their necessary routine work.

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Eligibility for Pre-Trial Home Confinement:

Whether you are eligible for pre-trial home confinement depends on the court and the type of case. The decision entirely depends on the judge, who decides based on the defendant’s criminal history, responsibilities, etc.

Conditions of Pre-Trial Home Confinement:

While on pre-trial home confinement, individuals must comply with specific conditions set by the court. These conditions may include:

Electronic Monitoring:

In the case of pre-trial home confinement, the person is instructed to wear an electronic monitoring device or a GPS. This way, the court monitors the person’s activities, ensuring their presence at the court hearing.


A curfew may be imposed, limiting the individual’s movements outside their home during specific hours. This is to ensure that they remain within the confines of their residence during designated times.

A #stayhome sign on blocks beside a house model indicating that traveling is not allowed in the pre-trial home confinement order.

Restricted Travel:

The individual is not allowed to travel anywhere outside, especially outside the city, state, or country, in pre-trial home confinement. The accused is strictly monitored and is only allowed to leave the house in certain circumstances, such as for work, visiting a healthcare professional, etc.

DeLaughter Bail Bonds Support You In Pre-Trial Home Confinement

Pre-trial home confinement can be frustrating as the defendant is not allowed to perform various activities and is constantly monitored.

Living like this can be tough, especially when you don’t even know the complications and rules. Therefore, it is better to consult a licensed bail bonds agent to guide you all about this.

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