A person handcuffed by police after turning himself in.

Turning Yourself In: A Holistic Guide for Defendants

When someone is accused of a crime and gets arrested, the first thing they want to do is to get out of jail. So, then why is turning yourself in advised?

Well, turning yourself in can be confusing, but when an individual has a warrant out for their arrest, voluntarily turning themselves in can be a responsible and proactive step towards resolving their legal situation.

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Why Should I Turn Myself In?

Even if a minor crime is committed, the police can visit your home to arrest you. Nobody wants to experience humiliation when a police officer knocks at their door. Therefore, turning yourself in protects your self-respect.

Turning yourself in demonstrates a willingness to take responsibility for your actions and cooperate with the legal system. By voluntarily surrendering, you show the court that you are taking the matter seriously. This may help you with your bail and throughout your case hearing.

What Should I Do To Turn Myself In?

Know About Your Arrest Warrant

If you believe you are a suspect in the crime, it is better to confirm whether an arrest warrant is issued. You can contact your local law department, who will provide all the details. This will set a positive image in front of the judge and will help you during the case hearing.

Gather Essential Documents

Before turning yourself in, it is advised to collect all the necessary documents and complete the paperwork for your bail. This may include your identification, contact information for loved ones, and any relevant legal paperwork.

Hire A Professional Before Turning Myself In

Before turning yourself in, it is better to hire a law expert who can support you and take care of your case. Hiring a licensed bail bonds agent can be extremely helpful in this case. Licensed bail bondsmen can guide you through the process as well as help you get the bail by posting it on your behalf.

DeLaughter Bail Bonds is a 24-hour bail bond service provider that offers exceptional services. We can help you understand your rights and the charges you may be facing and assist in developing a defense strategy.

A person is unhandcuffed by police after he consulted a licensed bail bond agent

What If I Cannot Afford Bail?

If you can’t afford the bail, all you have to do is contact an affordable bail bonds service provider, who will post the bail on your behalf. Whatever the bail amount is, you will have to pay 10% of that as service charges to your bail bonds agency and they will take care of your whole bail amount.

Turning yourself in? DeLaughter Bail Bonds will take care of everything professionally

Turning yourself in can be a tough decision to make but remember that with bail bonds agencies like DeLaughter Bail Bonds, you don’t have to worry about anything.

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