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4 Most High Profile Bail Bond Cases in US History

When we hear the word criminal, we instantly think of people involved in murder, theft, robbery, or kidnapping. Although all these actions do fit the description, some of the most famous and biggest criminals in the history of the United States have been white-collar people and business tycoons.

One of the reasons these people were successful in committing the crimes of the highest order was that no one ever doubted them just because they didn’t fit the description of a criminal. However, bigger crimes also mean a higher bail bond. Let’s take a look at some of the highest-profile cases in the history of America with the biggest bail amount.

Robert Dust – $3 Billion

Robert Dust, son of Seymor Dust, was a real-estate tycoon in New York, and currently holds the record for the highest amount of bail set in the history of America, which is three billion. He was accused of murdering his first wife, Kathleen McCormack, and was initially given bail for one million dollars which he posted.

He later skipped bail and was re-arrested based on tampering evidence with his new bail set to three billion dollars, setting the record for the highest amount of bail. Other than his first wife, Robert is also convicted of murdering his old-time friend Susan Berman and his neighbor Morris Black.

Kim Freeman – $1 billion

In 2005, an Asian immigrant known as Kim Freeman was arrested for running two “massage parlors” that were brothels. Kim Freeman was not a high-profile individual; she was just an ordinary immigrant from Asia, yet her bail was set to a mammoth amount of one billion dollars.

The reason for this staggering amount was that the judges feared she might flee at the first chance she got since she was from Asia and had connections over the US.

Michael Milken – $250 million

Once termed as the “highest paid man on Wall Street,” Michael Milken is an investor and financier who played a vital role in the development of high-yield bonds, also known as junk bonds. He was indicted on 98 charges of security fraud which included a litany of misconduct, including insider trading, stock parking, tax evasion, and numerous instances of repayment of illicit profits.

His bail was set to two-fifty million dollars, and he was sentenced to ten years in prison but only ended up serving two years after a reduced sentence.

Sarcastic illustration of money laundering

Kening Ma – $150 million

Kening Ma was indicted on 70 charges, including conspiracy, grand theft, money laundering, and possession of a false certificate. He and his wife, Shirley Ji, were importing ATVs and bikes that failed to pass the US emissions standards and were selling them.

Since they had ties in Asia and the judges felt like they might attempt to flee, Kening Ma was given a bail of one-fifty million dollars while his wife was given a bail of seventy-five million dollars.

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