View of the cityscape in Indianapolis.

Indiana’s Top Most Notorious Crimes of All Time

Known for its farmlands, friendly people, southern sensibilities, and basketball – nothing bad comes to our mind when we think about the state of Indiana. Though, things are not always as picture-perfect as we believe them to be.

Indiana has also been the victim of some notorious crimes over the years, some of which were not only headline-grabbing at the time but can still send chills down our spines.

Let’s take a look at Indiana’s topmost notorious crimes of all time.

1.   Claypool Hotel Murders

Two gruesome murders at the Claypool Hotel made international headlines in the years 1943 and 1954. The murder of Dorothy Poore in 1954, famously known as the ‘dresser drawer’ murder, was charged on Victor Lively, who was then sentenced for life. The first murder in 1943 remains unsolved to this day.

2.   Serial Killer Larry Eyler

Larry Eyler killed a number of young men from 1982 to 1984 and dumped their bodies on Indiana’s highway side. It is believed that he had at least 21 victims, but he was only ever convicted and sentenced to death in 1986 for the murder of teenager Daniel Bridges.

3.   Judy Kirby Suicide

Judy Kirby, a resident of Indianapolis, killed 7 in a suicide attempt as she drove the wrong way intentionally. Kirby ended up killing three of her children, her nephew, the other driver, and two of his children. She was sentenced to 215 years in prison.

Picture of a highway road taken at night time.

4.   Orville Lynn Majors

In 1997, the thirty-six-year-old nurse, Orville Lynn Majors, was arrested after elderly patients started dying at the intensive care unit at Clinton, IN. In 1999, Majors was convicted of his crimes and was sentenced to serving 360 years in prison. He was charged with the murder of 6 people, although officials were convinced the number could be much larger than that. He died at 56 in prison in 2017.

5.   Live-in Babysitter Murder

In 1975, Sarah Isabel Cindy White killed a family of 6 by lighting their greenwood home on fire. Sarah was hired as their live-in babysitter after being released from the psychiatric hospital. She was charged with six murders and one arson count and got six life sentences.

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