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What to Do When You Can’t Afford Bail

According to a recent report, almost 70% of people who are in jail aren’t there because they’ve been convicted of a crime; they’re there because they can’t afford to post bail!

This means they’ve been arrested for committing an alleged crime, such as the possession of drugs or assaulting a person, but they have yet to be formally charged. In the eyes of the law, they are still innocent.

Bail is an amount set by the court that is paid to set an arrested person free until the trial and formal sentencing take place. Because of the high bail amounts usually set by the courts, a lot of people can’t afford it. They sit in jail waiting for their trial, which can be quite detrimental to their lives.

Here are some options that are available to people who can’t afford bail:

Seek Out Help from Friends and Family:

The first instinct of anyone who is arrested is to get in touch with a family member or a close friend. This is the best place to start, especially if you know someone who has the means to make the bail payment on your behalf. Siblings, parental figures, and best friends are all ideal candidates.

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However, money has a way of ruining friendships and relationships. You may feel embarrassed asking for their help for such a delicate matter. You might want to make sure your relationship with that person is one of trust and love. Also, make sure you aren’t asking too much of them and posting your bail won’t put a financial strain on them.

Reach Out to A Dependable Bail Bonds Service:

There are a lot of bail bonds services out there. However, each service has certain criteria for you to meet. Be sure the company you are hiring to post your bail values you as a client and doesn’t look at you as a criminal.

Another thing to look for is the fee and collateral they are looking for. Some bail bonds companies also offer payment plans that can be easier to manage on a budget. The best thing to do would be to ask someone you are close with to find out a good bail bonds company for you who are willing to post the required amount on your behalf.

In Conclusion

Fighting a case to prove your innocence can be much easier from outside the walls of the prison. If you live in the state of Indiana, get in touch with DeLaughter Bail Bonds. As a premier 24-hour bail bonds company, we are well-known for our dependable and affordable service with a low fee of 10% only. Email us or call on (260)578-0505 today and let us fund your freedom!

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