a person is being arrested on skipping bail

What Happens if You Don’t Appear in Court on the Scheduled Date?

Anyone can go through awful times, but in such times all you need is support in some form. There are instances when even a slight error can get us arrested, which can be humiliating and worrisome.

A bail bond allows an individual arrested for a crime to get out of jail by paying the court a set amount. The accused is required to appear before the judge whenever called.

In cases like these, bail bond agencies play a vital role. They provide a guarantee in the form of surety bonds that the person will appear in court whenever called. DeLaughter Bail Bonds provides bail bond Services in Huntington County, IN, and other areas.


However, on skipping any bail, the defendant would have to bear some series consequences.

What Happens On  Skipping A Bail?

When a person skips bail, they fail to appear in court as required after being released from custody on bail. Here’s what they have to face;

An Arrest Warrant Is Issued:

On skipping bail, an arrest warrant will be issued in the accused person’s name. The court will order the law enforcement agency to arrest the person immediately, wherever they are found, and present them before the court of law.

Police are arresting a person on skipping bail

Serve a Penalty

When the suspect skips bail, the court orders them to forfeit their assets or the money they secured as bail. This causes financial damage, as per the bail amount set by the government or the type of felony. DeLaughter Bail Bonds is a 24-hour bail bond service that can help you.

Additional Criminal Charges

In addition to the already present charges, the court will add some more criminal charges for skipping the bail. This leads to even more financial damage as the person will have to pay a certain amount in fines.

Living With Criminal Chargers

Nobody wants to have criminal charges under their name and wants to get rid of them as soon as possible. Skipping the bail delays your court session, in turn delaying justice. Therefore, it is better to always appear before the court on the scheduled date.

Delaughter Bail Bonds Will Take Care Of Your Legal Bail Issues Professionally

It is important to note that the consequences of skipping bail depend on the severity of the crime. However, what the case may be, always appear on the scheduled date to avoid consequences.

DeLaughter Bail Bonds can help you out in these cases. We are a 24-hour bail bond service provider, who offers surety bail as well as transfer bail. We offer affordable bail bonds in Wabash County, Fulton County, Huntington County, Whitley Country, and other areas of Indiana.

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