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Know the Difference Between Bail and Bonds

Being accused and taken into custody for a crime has a significant adverse impact on the mental health of the arrested individual. The first thing they usually think about is the time frame of getting out of jail.

Now, this entirely depends on several different factors, such as the severity of the crime, previous history, etc.

However, one way to leave the prison is by posting bail. Sometimes, there is confusion about the difference between bail and bond.

A bail does not imply that the accused is free from all the charges. The court only allows the defendant to leave jail and present themselves at the court hearing. Failure to do so leads to severe consequences.

To recognize the difference between bail and bond, we need to understand that sometimes, the bail amount is unaffordable for an individual. In this case, a bail bond can be signed with a bail bond agency, which posts bail on behalf of the defendant. DeLaughter Bail Bonds has been providing this support for over a decade to various Indiana counties.

What Is The Difference Between Bail And Bonds?

Who Takes Care Of The Financial Responsibility?

In case of a bail, the defender has to pay the whole bail amount to the court. However, when a bail bond is signed, the licensed bail bondsmen post the bail to the court. The defender has to only pay a 10% service fee to the licensed bail bonds agent with collatera, in case the accused skips bail.

DeLaughter Bail Bonds ensures that the defender appears before the court.

What Happens If The Defender Fails To Appear In Court?

If the defender fails to appear in court, the whole paid bail amount is kept by the court in addition to the issuance of an arrest warrant.

In case of a bail bond, the defender has to place collaterals in the bond. If the defender does not go to the court hearing, apart from the arrest warrant, the bail bond agency can confiscate the collateral.

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Is The Payment Returned?

In case of bail, the paid amount is returned by the court once the case is closed and dismissed. The defender can submit a refund request.

While in bonds, any refundable amount goes to the bail bond agent by the court, and the service fee amount is not refunded to the defender.

DeLaughter Bail Bonds: one of the most Trusted

When wanting to get your beloved out of jail, knowing the difference between bail and bond is essential. Delaughter Bail Bonds is a group of one of the most trusted, reliable, and experienced licensed bail bond agents. We offer surety and transfer bonds to our clients.

Having been in the industry for over 10 years  has allowed us to spread our expertise in bail bond services to Kosciusko County, Wabash County, Whitley County, Huntington County, Grant County, Miami County and other Indiana counties.

Get in touch with us so that we can take care of your bailing issues.

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