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Debunking Common Misconceptions about Posting a Bail

Bail bonds can help you get out of jail. A bail bond allows you to get out of the law enforcement agency’s custody by paying some cash or otherwise.

DeLaughter Bail Bonds, a 24-hour bail bonds agency, can help you pay the bail amount. If the bond is paid in cash, the bond amount is refunded once the case is dismissed. However, in the case of a surety bond, around 10% of the amount is posted to the court by a bondsman.

However, there are still a lot of misconceptions about posting bail that must be debunked.

Bail Can Be Posted For Any Crime

Now, this is one of the most common misconceptions about posting bail. Many believe that anyone accused of any crime can post bail. This is not true at all. Murder and treason are unbailable crimes. Anyone proven to have committed murder or treason cannot be bailed out. However, for other crimes, the person can post bail.

Posting Bail Is Expensive

Another common misconception about posting bail is that it is too expensive. The truth is that whatever the bail amount is decided by the court of law, all has to be paid. This is possible if the person connects with a bail bond agency like DeLaughter Bail Bonds.

In this case, the licensed bail bonds agent posts bail on behalf of the defendant. When the amount is refunded, it goes to the agency. In return, they charge a small percentage of their fee as per their state laws.

A  person with handcuffs and rolls of money in his hand illustrating the misconception about posting bail being expensive.

You Have To Pay The Whole Amount

This misconception about posting bail needs to be debunked as well. The individual is not asked to pay the whole bail amount. If the defendant has to pay a cash bond, they can consult the bail bond agency so that they can pay the amount for them for a certain fee.

However, if the surety bond is being paid, the agency will only have to pay around 10% of the total bail amount. DeLaughter Bail Bonds’ 24-hour bail bond service can help you with this.

Bailing Out Means Permission To Do Anything

Getting bailed out does not mean that the person is allowed to do everything. When a person is set out of jail on bail, they need to follow some limitations. For instance, the person is not allowed to maintain any form of contact with the opposite party.

Bail Means Case Closed

A very common misconception about posting bail is when people believe that bailing out means that the case is closed. Bailing out means that the person will no longer be in police custody but will have to appear whenever the court calls them for their case hearing.

In case of skipping the bail, the court can take strict action, which includes immediate arrest and penalties. You can contact us for 24-hour bail bond services and know all the technicalities.

DeLaughter Bail Bonds Are Your Partner In Legal Distress

Getting arrested can be distressing, but it is easy to post bail, get out of jail, and then reappear before the court on the scheduled date for the decision.

DeLaughter Bail Bonds can help you out in these stressful times. We are licensed bail bond agents, providing affordable bail bonds in Wabash County, Fulton County, Huntington County, Whitley Country, and other areas of Indiana. We offer surety and transfer bonds.

So, remove these misconceptions about posting bail, and contact us in times of need.


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