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Bond Reduction: What if You Can’t Afford to Pay the Bond?

Persons unable to make the full bond payment submit a Motion for Bond Reduction in courts. The process asks the judge to reconsider the merit of your case.

Judges follow the Bail Schedule to set bail. However, they reserve the right to adjust the costs and increase or decrease the bond amount as per the nature of the case. If the amount is too hefty for a defendant to pay, they can turn to our bail agents in Kosciusko County.

Consequences for Not Paying the Bond

A common question arises: What is the need to pay the bond after all? Without payment, you’ll continue staying in jail. As a US citizen, the consequence can have a long-term impact on your career prospects. It will also affect your family dynamics.

Factors Leading to Bond Reduction

The Eight Amendment of the US constitution prohibits “excessive bail”. The bail can’t be held so high as to force a defendant to remain in jail. The decision to bail or not a defendant still resides with the judge. The US Constitution gives the defendant a right to negotiate their bail bond.

During the hearing, the defendant can argue that a high bail amount would lead to a term in jail by default. The defendant should be able to prove their not a flight risk through proper residential documentation for the said state.

Once the defendant has made a bond reduction request, the courts must justify if they decide not to fulfill the request. Law finds that the court’s responsibility is to affirm the court takes into account all the factors contributing to bail reduction. The court can deny a bail bond altogether if they find the defendant untrustworthy.

some dollar bills

Bail Bonds for Immediate Bails

You avoid a bond reduction hearing if:

  • You can afford 10% of your total bail bond
  • If you abide by all the conditions set by the court to grant pre-trial bail

At DeLaughter Bail Bonds, we offer surety bonds for pre-trial criminal proceedings in Indiana. Our bail bondsmen are available in 14 counties, including Allen, Wabash, and La Porte County, IN. To hire our bail bondsmen in Pulaski County, call us at 260-578-0505.

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