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The Consequences of Skipping Bail

Appearing before a court of law is nerve-wracking. Just being in front of a jury puts your entire reputation at stake. Moreover, every word you utter could have a lasting impact on the judge’s final decision.

Having a fear of courtrooms is legitimate, and it’s one of the many reasons that people start feeling anxious even when they’re asked to appear in one.

Other than the fear of the outcome, most people are also afraid of attending a court session because they’re either not prepared, or they’re guilty.

Whatever the case, jumping bail has immensely negative consequences. Let’s take a look at some of them:

What does the court do?

The exact action that the court will take depends on the judge and the nature of your offense. In severe cases, the court might issue an arrest warrant again, and this time, it could be non-bailable.

Jumping bail also has a huge impact on your record. You could be declared ineligible for bail for any future arrest. If you’ve repeatedly fail to appear, it could also classify as ‘contempt of court.’

In some cases, the court might also suspend your driver’s license or fine you. The judge can even increase the bail amount, whether or not it has been posted.


Consequences for others

There’s a lot at stake if someone else has paid the bail amount on your behalf. By skipping bail, you’re not only affecting yourself, but are also putting that person in a difficult situation. If a friend stood by your side and cosigned the bond, you have to return the favor and appear before the court.

Things could get really troublesome if your friend used their personal belongings as collateral in order to pay for your bail. When you skip court hearings, you’ll indirectly put their family’s property at risk of being taken by the court.

Role of the bail bond agency

Let’s talk about what happens if you’ve sought help from a bail bond agent. First up, there’s no way the agency will return the collateral if you’ve skipped bail. Secondly, they might not volunteer to help you the next time you get arrested.

Once the date for the hearing passes, the court notifies the agency that you failed to show up. The court will also give a deadline to the agency to make you appear. If you think you can go into hiding and get away with it, you’re wrong.

Bail bond agencies have connections with bounty hunters who will then be asked to track your whereabouts and make you appear. We’re sure that you aren’t comfortable with the idea of someone being paid to locate you.

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