Want To Help Friend Or Family Members In Jail? Here’s What You Should Do

According to the US Bureau of Justice Statistics, 21.6% of the total prison population in the US comprises pre-trial detainees. These are people who have either been denied bail or don’t have the money to pay for it. Pre-trail detention is a stressful ordeal because it leaves you with no time to gather evidence and prepare for court hearings.

Being in prison has a profound impact on an arrestee’s psychological wellbeing. According to research, long-term incarceration can lead to mental health issues like anxiety, depression, PTSD, and phobias.

If you’ve got a loved one behind bars, here’s what you can do to make their lives easier:

Reach out to their family

If your friend is accused of a misdemeanor and put in jail, the first people who suffer are their family—the kids in particular. Not only is it natural for them to worry, but they might also find it hard to manage household expenses on their own.

Even if you can’t help financially, just visiting the family once and giving them reassurance can make them feel a lot better. You can also maintain contact with the family over the phone and see if they need anything.

Try not to share too many details with the children. Tell them that the legal process will soon be over and that they will be reunited with their parent before they know it.

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Follow up on their case

Every defendant has the right to have a legal representative. It’s a lawyer’s job to keep the client informed. If your friend can’t make too many visits to the lawyer, you can do so on their behalf.

Get regular updates on the case’s progress and simultaneously, keep the family informed. Not only will your friend feel supported and loved, but this will also take some stress off their mind.

Hire a bail bond agent on their behalf

One of the biggest issues that arises when someone gets jailed is bail. Bail can be quite expensive if you’ve been accused of a violent crime. In such cases, the only way out is to get in touch with a bail bond agent.

Bail bond agencies pay the court on your behalf, in return of commission which is known as the bond fee. You also have to secure the bond against some sort of collateral. Once the defendant attends all the court hearings, the agent returns the collateral and keeps the fee.

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