Pregnant and Facing Jail Time? Here’s A Way Out

Being pregnant is one of the most overwhelming times in a woman’s life. From fluctuating hormone levels to bodily changes—everything changes dramatically. 

It’s also a time when the mother needs to follow a healthy diet schedule and take good care of her overall health. Pregnancy complications are very difficult to deal with. Most women have to deal with symptoms of nausea, vomiting, headaches, severe back pain, and dizziness throughout their gestation period. In the middle of all this, the last thing you need is getting arrested. 

How does being arrested affect pregnant women?

Being arrested is a scary experience. While you’re locked up, you may not have access to medication, proper food, and clean water. Seeing a doctor get your routine checkups done isn’t an option either.

At the same time, you don’t get to meet your family often or benefit from their emotional support. 


Sharing the same cell with other people also has health hazards, which can affect the mother’s health. As per a study, incarceration often worsens the health risks for a pregnant woman due to inadequate health facilities, poor sanitation, and physical torture (if any). 

But the biggest challenge is yet to come—childbirth. You’d be surprised to know that every 1 in 25 US female prisoners is pregnant. In these cases, the mother usually has very little control over the child’s custody after the child is born. Usually, a family member is summoned to take the child under their care. 

Here’s how you can avoid doing so

First of all, avoid getting into any kind of trouble with the police while you’re pregnant. The more precaution you exercise, the better it is for your mental peace. 

Apart from that, always have a bail bond agent on speed dial. No matter when you get into trouble, they’ll be there to save the day. A bail bond agency usually operates 24 hours a day and helps defendants post bail. 

They pay the bail amount on the defendant’s behalf and charge a 10% commission for it. In return, you’ll have to deposit some kind of collateral that will secure the bond. 

Always choose a bail bond agency that can offer quick services and whose agents have a sound knowledge of the legal system of Indiana.

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