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Local Court Rules in Indiana

As engaging as court room dramas like Daredevil and Suits are, they don’t necessarily depict what actually goes on in courts.

In real life, you’re expected to follow certain rules. Since DeLaughter Bail Bonds offers services in Indiana therefore, this blogs highlights some basic court rules you should know:

Criminal Procedures

As per the rules, any person who has been incarcerated without a warrant has to be released within the next 48 hours. The authorities can keep them in jail if they discover cause for arrest within this timeframe.

The person will have the right to post bail based on the bail schedule unless the judge has prohibited them from doing so.

Upon completing the 48 hour time frame, the person will be required to provide a written promise that they will show up whenever they are summoned by the court. They will also be required to provide personal details like social security numbers and home address etc.


During the proceedings, if the person is not able to afford legal counsel, the court will appoint one for them. If a public attorney is hired, the court will first look to appoint a contract attorney.

The appointed attorney will be required to submit a claim for reimbursement of services. Once the depositions have taken place, the lawyer appointed by the court will present all the related invoices to the court.

Before the proceedings begin, a pre trial conference will be conducted in which the defendant will also be required to appear. Failure to do so will result in the bail bond being revoked.

Rules Related To Criminal Discovery

Once the attorney enters the court, they will be presented with items and all the information related to the case. The court wouldn’t necessarily require any kind of written documents under this rule.

The state will be required to provide details like the address and information of the person who will be appearing as a witness. They will also provide statements of the witnesses in writing.


The bail amount is determined by the court and it can vary based on the person’s past record. The warrants of arrest should include details like the bail amount that needs to be posted.

There is no bail for crimes like murder. Furthermore, in case of sexual assault and battery the court will prohibit the person from contacting the affected party.

The accused also has the right to seek assistance from bail bond agents. This is where we come in. We offer 24 hour bail bond services and you can contact us at 260-578-0505 for further details.

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