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Is Your Bail Agent Doing Enough For You? Find Out!

Having criminal charges pressed against you is probably something you’d have never dreamt of in your wildest dreams. However, once that overwhelming phase starts, the last thing you want is for your bail agent to provide disappointing services.

Here are a few things to consider about your bail agent as you’re seeking release.

The Bail Agent Should be Licensed

Many states require that bail agents have a license for their services. The law in Indiana requires all bail bondsmen to pass an exam after taking a course in order to have their license. This ensures that these bondsmen have basic knowledge of local bail laws. If your bail agent fails to provide you with paperwork for his license, you should consider this as a red flag and look for other options.

Contract Particulars

Your bail agent should describe all the details regarding your contract. They should take time to address any ambiguity on your side regarding bailing procedures.

If you find that your bail agent is unable to clear your doubts on a matter, or is constantly brushing you off when you ask him for details—consider opting for another bail bond agency.

Quick Release From Prison

A good bail agent should be experienced enough to deal with the bailing procedures efficiently and get a quick release for you.

Patience In Their Dealings

A good bail agent should exhibit patience during their dealings with you—taking you through all the details of the contract and their services. They should understand how stressful a period it might be for you and should deal accordingly.

Attention To Detail

Your bail agent should be thorough in all the legal work required by the court. Only experienced bail agents are capable enough to complete hefty paperwork in time without committing mistakes. An agent can’t have this quality overnight, but develops it over years of practice and hard work.

DeLaughter Bail Bonds Can Help You Get Out Of Jail!

Established in 2010—DeLaughter Bail Bonds has continued to serve their clients with utmost integrity and commitment. We offer 24-hour bail bond services in Indiana and have a dedicated and experienced staff to make sure your bail procedures run smoothly. Get in touch with us to avail our services!

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