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How to Speed Up the Bail Process after an Arrest

Whether you or a loved one was put behind bars, your primary concern should be posting bail and getting out of prison as soon as possible. In situations like these, time is of the essence.

Your health, job, and court proceedings depend on it. If you’re in jail for too long, you might end up getting sick, losing your job, and your defense might suffer.

Fortunately, there are some ways to speed up the bail process and get yourself some free time before you need to appear in court.

Get in touch with a licensed bail bond agent

Who can get you out of jail faster than a professional? No one. Hiring a bail bond agent or agency increases your chances of posting bail and getting out much quicker.

A licensed bail bond agent will not only give you viable suggestions and advice, but since this is their job, they’re more likely to know the best strategies to get around your situation.

They’ll speak to the officers on your behalf, find out your charges’ exact name, and take care of all the bail proceedings. Some bail bondsmen and agencies offer 24 hours, 7 days a week services, allowing you to get out of jail as soon as you go in.

We understand you’ll be panicky and scared, but opting for a licensed bail bond agent to help your or your loved one’s case will make the process simpler and more convenient. They also won’t have any hidden charges that you might incur later.

Find bail bond agencies around your area

If you’re situated in Indiana, bail bond agencies like DeLaughter Bail Bonds will be more than happy to help your case. Agencies around your area will get on your issue much faster and provide immediate assistance.

The further the agency is, the longer it’ll take them to get to you and the longer you’ll be stuck in prison. Not only will the nearby agency get to you faster, but they’ll also be familiar with your county/state laws and have connections in the area.

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Get a trusted co-signer

Once you have a bail bondsman on your side, you need to find yourself a trusted co-signer who’ll provide bail bond money and deal with all the paperwork to get you out.

Dealing with financial matters on your own while you’re behind bars can be a struggle, so you or your loved one can get in touch with a third party like friends, family, and employer to handle these matters for you.

Are you looking for a licensed 24-hour bail bond agency in Indiana? Check out our service areas.

Established in 2010, our team at DeLaughter Bail Bonds has worked on helping many defendants and their loved ones get out of prison much faster over the years. We’ve extended our services to many parts of Indiana, including Huntington County, Allen County, Miami County, and more.

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