Man calling his friend from a payphone in prison

3 Ways to Help a Friend Who Has Been Arrested

You get a call late at night, an automated voice at the other end asks, “You are receiving a collect call from an inmate. Do you accept the charges?” you unwillingly say yes and hear your friend pleading for your help.

It’s a sticky situation we all hope we don’t have to face, but alas, the world doesn’t work like that, and our loved ones are bound to make mistakes, even ones that’ll have them arrested.

If you’ve never dealt with something like this before, you’re more likely to be confused and panicky with several questions running through your mind, “what do I do?” “who do I call?”

The best thing you can do to get your friend out of trouble is to stay calm and get in touch with a bail bonds agent to help you through.

While you wait for them to work things out, here are some ways you can help your friend even more.

Stay calm and collect whatever information you can

It might be easier said than done, given your situation but staying clear allows you to focus your energy on other things that might help your friend’s case. It will enable you to keep track of important information that your friend provides over the phone, and you can plan and quickly think ahead.

Ask the officers the exact name of the charges, the jail name, and try to stay polite, so you don’t piss them off. You need to know these things to collect your friend from jail and forward this information to their attorney or bail bondsman.

Continually support and reassure your friend

If you’re able to communicate with them after their arrest, provide emotional support and reassure them that you’ll try to get them out as soon as you can.

If your friend isn’t aware of his rights while in custody, advise him not to answer any questions or say anything without his lawyer being present. He might say something incriminating and make the situation worse.

A prisoner dialing a phone number

Don’t ask your friend for any details over the call

When your friend calls you from jail, the call is most likely being recorded and monitored. If you ask them any questions that might tip off the officers or admit your friend’s guilt, they’ll end up in jail for much longer.

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