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Here’s What You Need To Know About Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence is one of the most disruptive moments you can experience. This doesn’t just affect you, but it affects your entire domestic life as well (this includes people who are close to you). For example, this may include children, parents, siblings, live-in partners, and spouses. Either way, the parties are invested in each other emotionally.

Here’s our licensed bail bonds agent highlighting what you need to know if about domestic violence charges.

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Normally, officers aren’t present to witness a domestic battery. In the majority of cases, officers arrive after the battery has taken place. Therefore, they start the investigations after their arrival. Today, a lot of agencies are using body camera videos. So, whenever the police respond to a domestic violence call, the cameras aren’t just running but recording you and your words. Besides the statements that you’ll be giving, these cameras will record your actions, your state of mind, and the expressions on your face when the police arrive.


During a domestic violence situation, people aren’t thinking clearly, everybody is emotional – even when the officers arrive. Irrespective of how emotional you are, you should invoke your right to an attorney and your right to remain silent.

A domestic violence arrest involves at least two people: at least one victim and the person arrested (or the defendant). Remember, someone is going to get arrested if the police respond to a domestic violence call.

Sometimes, a person calls the police during a domestic violence situation but doesn’t want the other person to get arrested. However, this can’t be done. If there’s an ongoing argument, the police will arrest a person and take them to jail. The officers will also hear out the statements of every individual involved. Every statement by victim and witness is sworn, and while it’s common for the story to change, whatever is written on the witness statement will be used as proof.

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