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How to Get the Bail Money Back

In some cases, court dates and trials can extend to an extensive period until they’re completed. If you or a loved one is convicted in a complex case, chances are that the court trials will last for over a year.

Given the complicated nature of court matters, you must stay on top of all aspects of your case. It’s important to ensure that necessary funds, emotional support, and professional assistance is available for the defendant at all times. In case of arrests and bails, we recommend you to contact one of our experienced bail bond agents in Indiana who can help you through the process.

Getting bailed after an arrest is every convict’s right unless they’re accused of murder or treason. After bail is posted and all the court hearings are attended, the defendant can get their bail money back.

In most jurisdictions, the court takes at least two or more weeks to refund the bail amount. However, for high-level offenses, this period might be extended. Let’s learn more about getting your money back after a bail.

How Bail Bonds Work

Bail bonds are very similar to personal loans that you may obtain from a financial institution. They require security in the form of cash or any other type of valuable asset that can act as collateral against the bail agreement.

The defendant or their guardians are required to pay a small percentage of the total bail amount as a fee, while the rest of the money is refunded after the bail is executed and the trial is over. If you have a loved one spending time in a local jail in Indiana, look up to our licensed, 24/7 bail bond agents today!

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How Do I Get My Bail Bond Refund?

After a court returns the bail, the determined bail amount will be sent to your address within two weeks. In some cases, it can also take up to six weeks after your last court hearing. If you have a bail bond agency working on your case, make sure to stay updated on their refund policy.

If you or a loved one aren’t able to post bail, DeLaughter Bail Bonds can help you. We can help you get out and stay out of legal trouble by offering flexible, 24/7 bail bond services at the best rates throughout North Manchester, IN.

We keep defendants, cosigners, and the court in one loop to ensure that all the parties are on the same page. Get in touch to avail our affordable bail bonds services in Indiana.

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