How Can Bail Bond Agents Expedite Your Bail Process

Spending time in jail can be quite an overwhelming and harrowing experience, especially if it’s your first offence. While there’s no way of undoing the crime, you can still get yourself out of jail until your trial by paying bail.

However, the bail process can be pretty complicated, and you can end up staying in jail for much longer if you decide to post bail yourself or get your friends or family to do it. A bondsman, on the other hand, can help you navigate through the complex process, and pay the amount posted to secure a quick release.

Let’s take a look at how a bail bond agent can expedite your bail process.

What’s a Bail Bond Agent?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of things, let’s first clarify what a bail bond agent is. Bail bond agents are individuals or companies that will pay the bail on your behalf if you can’t afford the posted amount. They charge you a fee for this service, and the posted amount is paid directly to the court to quicken your release from jail. Depending on the situation, you or a family member may be required to provide something in collateral, such as a co-signer or property.

What Does the Bail Bond Process Typically Involve?

You can only start working with a bail bond agent after your bail amount has been set by a judge. This amount will depend upon the crime that has been committed and your criminal record. If you don’t opt for a bail bond agent, you’ll have to remain in jail until your hearing, or until a family member or friend can gather the funds required for your release.

How Do Bail Bond Agents Speed Up the Release Process?

In addition to experience, bail bond agents have contacts in the legal systems. Bail bond companies have relationships with courts that have taken years to establish, and they know exactly who to call in order to speed up the process.

Expert bail bond companies can even secure release in under 24 hours if the crime committed is a minor one.

Furthermore, the paperwork and the legal formalities involved in the bail process can be quite confusing and complicated for the average person (unless they’ve majored in criminal justice). A bail bond agent on the other hand, is familiar and comfortable with all the formalities and will deal with them on your behalf.

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