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The Significance of Bail Conditions

Bail is essentially a court order that allows you to remain a free member of the community while the legal proceedings on your case are still ongoing in the court. In other words, it’s a form of release from custody.

When you’re out on bail, you have to adhere to certain rules and regulations imposed by the court. These are known as bail conditions.

The bail conditions set by the court depend upon a variety of factors, with the primary ones being the crime for which you were arrested for and your criminal history.

Typically, bail conditions include the flowing rules:

  • The accused isn’t allowed to communicate with the alleged victim or the complainant.
  • The accused is not allowed to communicate with their co-accused.
  • Restraining orders – ordered to remain at a specified distance from certain places or individual(s).
  • Being ordered to stay at a certain place.
  • Curfews – have to stay at a specific address between specific hours.
  • Being placed under house arrest.

Importance of Adhering to Bail Conditions

It’s essential to know what your bail conditions are. If you’ve hired a bail bond company to help you with the bail process, they can help you understand the conditions and guide you on remaining compliant. Failing to follow bail conditions is a legal offence which is termed as breach of bail conditions. A warrant for your arrest can be issued by the police if:

  • They have evidence that suggest you went against your bail conditions.
  • If your surety decides to cease providing surety for you.

If you’re arrested by the police while on bail, you’ll be detained for a second bail hearing, in which you’ll have to provide reasons to the court of why you should be released while your case is ongoing.

If you’re charged with “failure to comply”, it can lead to:

  • Difficulty getting bail in the future
  • Being banned from using the bail program

If you obtained a bail bond and got arrested while on bail, it could also lead to you loved ones losing the full bail amount permanently. Furthermore, you or your loved ones could also end up losing any collateral they placed when they signed the bail bond contract.

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