Different Types of Bail Bonds and What They’re about

At DeLaughter, we offer two options for bail bonds; transfer bonds and surety bonds. However, these aren’t the only two options available.

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If – by misfortune – you or a loved one is required to post bail, it’s important that you know about bail and how bail bonds work. Here are some options that you may come across:

–         Release on Citation

Citation releases are the best options you could get, since you’re not really taken into custody. Rather, you’re issued a citation by the arresting officer that orders the suspect to appear in court, after which you’re allowed to go home.

Citations are usually for low-level crimes, which include traffic violations. However, issuing this citation depends on the officer in question. If need be, they can choose to simply arrest you and not offer a release through citation.

–         Recognizance

In this situation, no money needs to be paid. Instead, the defendant is released from custody on the promise that they will appear in court when the date comes. Typically, recognizance releases are issued in high profile cases.

However, common citizens can fight for a recognizance release in court if need be. But keep in mind that your lawyer’s fees could very well make up for the amount you’re not paying.

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–         Cash Bail

This is when the bail is paid in cash by the defendant. Easy enough to pay for low-level crimes but if the defendant is considered a flight risk or is charged with a severe crime, the amount is often set so high that the defendant isn’t able to pay the price in cash.

–         Property Bond

Property bonds aren’t really ones we’d recommend, simply because it can take a long time to actually assess whether the property is worth the price of the bail. Since a property bond can take several weeks to secure, you’ll be stuck in jail for a longer time. It’s much better to go with a surety bond, since you’ll be able to get the amount you want in just a few hours.

–         Immigration Bond

This is only used by non-residents and illegal immigrants that are present in the US. In this case, the bail is transferred to the Federal Bail bonds, who work with the Bureau of Immigration and Department of Homeland Security to get as much information as they can to see if they are eligible for a bail bond.

Why We Offer Transfer and Surety Bonds!

Transfer bonds allow transfer of money to the location where the charged individuals is detained.

Surety bonds are the best solutions for those who cannot pay the sum at all. With surety bonds, the client just has to pay a small percentage and premise that they will attend their trials, which they usually do.

As such, from our perspective, these are the two best (and only) options that a defendant would need.

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