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When Can Surety Bonds Help You Out?

Surety bonds are typically obtained by independent contractors working on expensive government projects. However, other businesses and individual entities can also enjoy several benefits of surety bonds. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of surety bonds and when they can help you.

What Are Surety Bonds?

A surety bond can be defined as a legally binding agreement that guarantees that commitments will be fulfilled or compensation will be offered to make up for the missed responsibilities in the event of failure.

There are several benefits of surety bonds. For example, they pay for damages resulting from legal proceedings, guarantee the fulfillment of government contracts, or shield a business from fraudulent employees. Whenever a contractor fails to complete the project, the surety agency steps in to locate a replacement or pay the project’s owner for the financial losses.

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When Can Surety Bonds Help You Out?

There are several types of surety bonds, and they can help you out in different ways. Here are a few common types of surety bonds and their benefits:


  • Commercial Bonds: A professional or a company has to obtain a commercial bond if they wish to be acknowledged by the nation as a legitimate business organization. Usually, they have to get a commercial bond before the state issues a license. States utilize commercial bond laws to ensure that professionals follow the law and ethical standards, and anyone who fails to do so is held accountable.
  • Contract bonds:These bonds hold a party accountable if they fail to uphold the conditions outlined inside a contract by a third party. Although it can affect other contractual agreements, contract bonds are frequently utilized for construction megaprojects. Contract bonds guarantee that a deal is carried out without interruptions and make the other party responsible for any unforeseen problems.
  • Performance Bonds:Performance bonds protect the owner of a construction project when the contractor fails to complete the agreed-upon job.  The surety is required to intervene in this situation and take appropriate action.
  • Fidelity bonds:These bonds safeguard a company’s customers if one of its employees has committed a criminal offense. Businesses are not obligated to obtain fidelity bonds. However, many do so as a risk management strategy. In addition, fidelity bonds function similarly to insurance policies since the surety compensates the bonded person.
  • Court Bonds:Before approving the continuation of legal procedures, a judge may order the acquisition of court bonds. The court bond imposes financial penalties on the bonded individual for noncompliance with the court’s orders.


Bottom Line

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Want to Avoid Bail Fraud? Here’s What You Should Do

When you are trying to post bail for your loved one, emotions can be high. However, this does not mean that you can afford to be careless. You must ensure that you avoid bail fraud.

Bail bond scams are so common that you might not even realize that you are being roped into a scam till it is too late. However, here are some tips that can help you avoid bail fraud:

1. Do Not Fall for Cold Calls

According to the law, 24-hour bail bondsmen cannot offer their services to detainees and their family members through cold calls. In case a bail agent calls you even though the defendant has not asked them to, make sure that you do not reveal any personal information.

The law does not allow bail bond services to be advertised in police stations, jails, and courtrooms.

2. Fake Error

If you get a call when you are not expecting one and you are told that there is a mistake with the bail bond of your loved one, do not believe the caller. You might be told that the bond is underpaid, and the defendant will be put into jail again unless the money is not paid upfront.

If you want to avoid bail fraud, you must keep in mind that scammers have access to public records and contact details of clients who are registered with any 24-hour bail bonds agency. The person on the other end might already know that your family member has posted bail recently, but this data can be found by any random person on the internet.

The scammer will want you to react fast instead of considering the facts. If you get any kind of call where the person on the other end is asking for an immediate payment, do not make a hasty decision.

Avoid bail fraud

3. Intimidation

Some 24-hour bail bondsmen use intimidation as a tactic. This is why a defendant should always be aware of their rights. For example, you cannot be detained if there is no warrant for your arrest. It doesn’t matter if you owe them some money- they cannot detain you without an arrest warrant.

If the bail bond agent tries to threaten or yell at you, you should consider this as a red flag. Hence, you should always pick a bail bonds agency that has good reviews- look through the internet and do ample research before choosing the company you want. Moreover, never ignore your gut feelings.

4. Random Discounts

Bail bond companies offer fixed prices for the service they offer- they have to follow these rules as per the law. If you find a company offering you a massive discount on their services, do not think that you are getting a good deal.

In fact, anyone offering you a huge discount is probably a scammer.


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Common Misdemeanors That Get People Arrested

Many individuals confuse misdemeanors with felonies. However, misdemeanors refer to criminal acts that may not be as severe as felonies. Although misdemeanors are less serious than felonies, you may face significant penalties or jail time if convicted. Knowing the most frequent misdemeanors for which people are arrested might help you avoid them.

Below is a list of common misdemeanors that can get you arrested.

Common Misdemeanors That Get People Arrested

Here is a list of a few common misdemeanors that usually get people arrested:

Indecent Exposure

It is easy for many individuals to misinterpret this misdemeanor since it could mean different things to different individuals, and every jurisdiction could have a different concept of it. In most regions, it entails voluntarily urinating in public or displaying one’s private parts to another individual.

Public Intoxication

In some regions, being intoxicated in public is considered a misdemeanor. It is mostly described as acting disorderly when impaired by drugs or alcohol on private or public property.

The penalties for this offense might vary since it is dealt with locally. Although certain states do not have laws prohibiting intoxication in public places, some counties and localities do.

Basic Assault

Basic assault can mean hurting an individual without intending to cause an injury. However, how a basic assault is interpreted usually depends on the responding officer and the state.

The assault might imply that you intentionally intended to hurt somebody or made unwanted touch, no matter how friendly. However, one exception to this legislation is that if an individual assaults a law enforcement official, their crime will be considered a felony.

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DUI (Driving under the influence)

Driving a vehicle when intoxicated by a drug, usually alcohol, is known as a DUI, which stands for “driving under the influence.” Many individuals may be unaware of this; however, one can also get a DUI if one takes prescription medication or illegal drugs.

Certain states refer to a DUI as OWI, meaning “operating while intoxicated.” Usually, states like Michigan, Indiana, and Wisconsin use this phrase.


Trespassing can be described as unauthorized entry into a restricted property area. You will commonly notice signs prohibiting entry in areas where visitors are not welcome.

Trespassing is sometimes punished similarly to receiving a parking fine. However, this varies greatly on where you live. The majority of government officials, as well as the police and those who work with utility meters, are exempt from trespassing regulations.

Bottom Line

Witnessing a loved one get arrested and charged for a misdemeanor can be challenging. However, if you want to get them out on bail, you can do so with the assistance of the 24-hour bail bond services in Whitley County offered by DeLaughter bail bonds.

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Answering Your Questions about Bail Bonds

It is common for individuals who do not have prior experience in getting bail bonds to have several questions and feel confused about the process involved in acquiring them. We have compiled answers to common bail bond FAQs to help clear some of your concerns.

Answers to Common Bail Bond FAQs

1. Who Determines The Bail Sum?

The judges in charge of a case are the ones who determine the bail value. The judge considers factors like the severity of the crime, the likelihood of an individual committing the crime again, and the chances of a defendant fleeing from the jurisdiction before the trial to determine the bail amount.

2. How to Get a Bail Bond?

There are several ways a person can get a release from custody. You can hire licensed bail bondsmen, post-money for the entire bond value with the jail or court, or use real estate to pay off the bail amount.


3. Can An Individual Out On Bond Leave The Region Or The Country?

Before leaving the county or state, you must obtain written approval from your bonding office. Before traveling, you must get approval from your bail bond agency and the judge. You may get arrested if the judge has issued specific orders for you not to leave the region or nation and fail to follow the orders.

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4. What Should I Do If I Believe The Defendant Won’t Attend Court Once I Pay The Bond?

If you think the defendant will fail to attend the court once you pay the bond, you must contact the bondsmen at the bail bonds agency to discuss what you can do to avoid this from happening.

5. What Items Are Acceptable As Collateral For Bail Bonds?

Bail bondsmen will take a variety of collateral, including jewels, bonds, stocks, vehicles, credit cards, and real estate. It is recommended to speak with your bail bondsmen for further information on what may be used as collateral for a bail bond because each bail bonds agency is different, and some may accept certain items while others may not.

6. Is A Bail Bond Agency The Sole Option For Releasing Someone From Custody?

There are two options for individuals seeking to release their loved ones from jail.

  1. You can hire a licensed agency like DeLaughter bail bondsfor Bail Bonds in Whitley Countyor other counties in Indiana.
  2. You can simply submit the entire bail amount. A complete return of the bail money may be granted. However, this method has several drawbacks since there can be unpaid court costs and fines. The fact that it occasionally takes the court anywhere between a year or two to return your funds is another drawback of this bail payment method.

Get Answers to More Bail Bond FAQs from the Experts at Delaughter Bail Bonds

If you have more queries about bail bonds and want answers from the top bail bondsman in Whitley County, feel free to contact the experts at Delaughter bail bonds. We can help guide you through acquiring bail bonds and clear any confusions you might have.

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What You Should Think About Before Choosing a Bail Bond Company

Did you know that 64 of the 92 prisons in the state were above 80% full in 2019, as reported by the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute?

With a significant population of individuals imprisoned, the demand for a bail bonds agency is always high. When looking for a bail bonds agency, you must know that there are several factors you should consider before deciding. Keep reading to learn some of these factors.

Factors to Think About Before Choosing a Bail Bond Company

Is the Company Insured and Licensed?

One of the most critical factors to consider when choosing a bail bonds agency is whether the agency is licensed or not. All bail bond agencies must get authorization in the form of a license to operate in a state legally. If you choose an unlicensed bail bonds company, you may be putting yourself and your loved ones at risk of fraud.

You want also to ensure that the bail bonds agency you are interested in hiring is insured or not. Doing so will protect your funds if things go south during the process. Hence, when choosing a bail bond agency, inquire if the company is insured and licensed and if they have hired licensed bail bondsmen to carry out the job.

Does The Company Have Negative Reviews Or Complaints?

Looking for a bail bonds company reviews and complaints online may provide you with a wealth of information about the quality of their services. You can look up the ratings of bail bond agencies online on reliable platforms like the Better Business Bureau to see what customers have to say about their services.

It is normal for all businesses to get some complaints. However, a significant number of complaints that have gone unanswered is a warning sign you should be aware of.

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How Much Do Their Services Cost?

While looking for a bail bonds firm, it’s critical to inquire about their costs. Doing so will allow you to understand whether the company fits your budget. Moreover, by determining the fees of bail bond agencies’ services, you can compare pricing amongst agencies offering similar services to see which fits your budget best.

Important tip! Some bail bondsmen have fixed rates, while others take a percentage from the entire bail amount. Inquire about all costs upfront to avoid surprises later.

Get Affordable Bail Bonds in Kosciusko County

Since the process of getting bail can be expensive, it is critical for you to look for affordable bail bonds to ensure the bail bond process does not take a large chunk out of your pocket. If you are looking for affordable bail bonds in Kosciusko County, get in touch with our experts at DeLaughter Bail Bonds.

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Need to Get a Loved One Out of Jail? Here is How to Get Bail

Having a loved one in jail can be extremely difficult for family members and friends, prompting them to search for ways to get them out of jail. Thankfully, there are ways one can get their loved ones out of jail. One of the best ways is to contact a licensed bail bonds agent to help you get bail for loved ones. Want to know more? Keep reading.

Understanding the Meaning of Bail

Bail refers to the procedure of releasing an individual from jail. When a defendant is released on bail, they must sign an agreement pledging to attend all court sessions until the court reaches a verdict.

When a defendant or a loved one wants to get their family member out of jail, they sign a bail bond between the defendant and the court. If a defendant cannot sign it, family members can do it on their behalf. A bail bond is an amount of money or something of monetary worth.

How To Get Bail For Loved Ones?

Here are a few steps you can follow to get bail for loved ones:

Conduct Research

First and foremost, before you take any steps, you must conduct thorough information about your loved one under arrest. You want to understand the reason behind their arrest and the charges against them and determine if bail is possible since not every defendant can get bail. This is because bail is only allowed for several misdemeanors.

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Hire a Reputable Bail Bonds Agency

Since the bail process can be expensive and confusing, hiring a bail bond agent from a reputable agency can help you get the guidance and funds required to bail a loved one out of jail. After you’ve located a bail bond agent, they’ll begin to work by gathering the defendant’s information.

They will next ask the defendant to sign documentation containing the terms of the bail arrangement. To secure the bond, the defendant may request a cosigner to sign the contract. The cosigner is responsible for ensuring that the defendant attends all court hearings and follows all court orders until the court renders a verdict.

Procedures Following the Bail

The bail bond agent can deposit the bail bond for an individual in jail after the documentation is finalized. Moreover, bailing out a prisoner might take many hours or even days.

The accused may then return home after paying the bail amount. However, they must show up for court hearings. The defendant must be informed of and present at all planned hearings. The bail sum is forfeited, and the offender is taken into custody if one fails to attend court hearings.

Get Bail for Loved Ones from Bail Bond Services in Kosciusko County

If you are looking for an affordable and trustworthy agency for bail bonds in Kosciusko County, we recommend checking out DeLaughter Bail Bonds. Our experienced and highly trained bail bond agents will go above and beyond to ensure your loved ones get released from jail as soon as possible.

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Case and the Court System: What You Should Know

There are three branches that the state government of the Indiana Constitution is divided into- the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial. According to the Constitution, the State’s judicial power is given to the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, and other courts that the General Assembly chooses to establish.

In 1800, the Governor appointed three judges for the very first court in Indiana. Over the years, the Indiana court system has grown into a complex judicial system. Different types of courts deal with different things- there are more than 575 judicial officers who listen to more than 1.8 million cases every year.

About the Indiana State Courts

The two levels of state courts in Indiana include trial courts and appellate courts. Appellate courts include the Court of Appeals of Indiana, the Supreme Court of Indiana, and the Indiana Tax Court. These courts are responsible for handling cases pre-decided in a trial court.

For example, if someone loses at trial but wants the court to reconsider their case, they will go to an appellate-level court to challenge the outcome.

The three kinds of trial courts in Indiana are:

  • Superior courts
  • Circuit courts
  • Town courts
  • Local city courts

Even though the names of these courts are different, they have more similarities than differences. Trial courts are only referred to with different names because of the local custom and legislative history, not because they are different from each other.

Cases in Court Systems

A judge

Individuals in limited jurisdiction courts can represent themselves without an attorney- the only condition is that they follow the rules of the court.

Here is what you can expect:

  • First appearance: The defendant needs to appear in court, after which they are told of the charges. In case they cannot afford an attorney, the judge appoints one.
  • Arraignment: After some time, the defendant has to appear in court and plead guilty or not guilty. Some jurisdiction courts combine the first appearance with the arraignment.
  • Trial: In case the defendant has pleaded not guilty, a trial will take place. The judge will listen to the evidence and charges and decide whether the defendant is guilty or not.
  • Sentence: If the court decides that the defendant is guilty, an appropriate sentence will be decided.
  • Appealing: If the defendant wants to appeal the decision, he will have to go to the supreme court. A new trial may take place to hear the appeal, or the judge of the supreme court may listen to the records of the trial and make a decision accordingly.


Cases in court systems can be complicated, especially if you cannot even afford to bail yourself out of jail. However, there is a solution- all you need to do is get in touch with a licensed bail bonds agent who can pay your bail and ensure that the judge takes your case.

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Strategies for When You’re Arrested Before the Weekend

Weekends are the time to unwind and relax, but sometimes you might just not be able to avoid weekend arrests. You might end up finding yourself in an unexpected situation that causes you to end up in jail.

The good news is that even if you get arrested before the weekend, bail is still an option.

Strategies for When You’re Arrested Before the Weekend

1. Wait for the Court Date and Bail Amount to be Set

While you should avoid weekend arrests, sometimes things can happen that are not in your control. If you get arrested, it could be several weeks before you have to appear in court. It would be extremely unfair and traumatizing if everyone had to wait in jail till then.

2. Appear in Court

Before you can post bail, you will have to appear in front of a judge. This arraignment will include the defendant listening to the charges against them and pleading guilty or not guilty.

The judge will set bail based on your criminal record and whether you are a flight risk or public safety risk. You can be released based on your recognizance, or the judge can deny bail.

3. Contact 24-hour Bail Bondsmen

Get in touch with a bail bondman

Once bail has been decided, you need to decide whether you have sufficient money to post bail. You can pay the bill completely if you have the means to do so. The bill will depend on the severity of the crime and how much the judge thinks you should be charged.

However, if you don’t have the resources to pay for bail, do not think that you have no option but to stay in jail till you can figure your finances out. The best thing you can do at that moment is to get in touch with a bail bonds agency.

A 24-hour bail agent will pay your bail for a small fee. They will receive the bail money back after you have appeared in court for your trial.

Once released from jail, you can go back to work, care for your loved ones, and do whatever essential things you need to do before appearing in court on your set date.


You should aim to avoid weekend arrests, but if you do get arrested before the weekend, you must act quickly. This means figuring your finances out or calling a bail company quickly so that they can pay your bail and get you out of prison.

If you wait too long, you might have to wait till the weekday for your arraignment and bail hearing because the judge might not be available, or the staff may have to go home before they can process your bail.

If you move quickly, you can post bail after the arraignment. A bail bondsman is the most affordable way to do so. Usually, a bail bond company will post the complete bail amount after charging you some money. However, they will ensure that you get bailed out before the weekend so that you do not have to sleep in jail.

Get in touch with DeLaughter Bail Bonds to understand how this process works.