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Bail Bonds for Out-of-State Loved Ones

Bail bond services are a source of relief for many individuals or families with any loved one facing any criminal charge. This service makes it easier for you to pay the bail amount even if it’s not affordable for you right away. Bail bonds are posted in the county jail or court where the defendant is kept.


If you find yourself in a situation where a loved one is held in an out-of-state jail, you might be worried about how the procedure could work, but we have some good news for you!


To apply for out-of-state bail bonds for loved ones, you don’t necessarily need to travel there. Bail bond services in Indiana can help secure bail for your loved one through a service called Transfer Bond Service. Let’s learn more about how it works below!

How Do Transfer Bond Services Work for Out-of-State Bail Bonds?

You can use a reliable transfer bond service in Indiana for out-of-state bail bonds. Let’s list down the steps you need to take to help bail out a loved one held in an out-of-state jail:

1. Find a Bail Bond Service that Offers Transfer Bonds

The first thing you need to do for out-of-state bail bonds is to find a reputable transfer bond service nearby. Make sure you do your research and hire a service that has experience with bail bonds for out-of-state clients.

2. Share All Details

Once you have confirmed that your choice of bail bond service offers out-of-state transfers, you will be asked to share further information about your loved one’s case. The information that they usually ask for includes:

  • Defendant’s name
  • Location of the jail
  • Charges they are facing
  • The amount required for bail

After receiving this information, the transfer bond service will get in touch with a local partner or any other credible bail bond company in the state of your loved one’s case. That company will then proceed with the bail bond posting on your behalf.

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3. Pay the Fee

You will be asked to pay the bail bond fee, which is generally a percentage of the total bail amount. In transfer bond cases, you might also have to give collateral or pay for the travel expenses of the bondsman if necessary.

After the bail bond is posted, you should prepare to welcome your loved one back. However, your responsibility also increases from this point onward as they’ll be required to appear in all court hearings of their case. In case they don’t, you will be held accountable by the local bail bond service and might have to reimburse them for their bail bond cost.

Get in Touch with a Bail Bond Service in Indiana

It is essential that you find a credible bail bond service that offers transfer bonds to ensure that you can get your loved one out of jail immediately. Get in touch with the 24/7 available and affordable DeLaughter Bail Bond services for out-of-state bail bonds!


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