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Bounty Hunting In Indiana

Bounty hunting in Indiana is strictly regulated owing to the need for control of force against defendants and the general risk to the well-being of anyone who chooses to become one.  It’s a very long and comprehensive procedure that for people to qualify as bounty hunters however it is practiced extensively across Indiana.

To become a bounty hunter, you must undergo official training and pass a comprehensive set of examinations to get a license.  The Department of Insurance Indiana is responsible for enforcing the regulations that control and monitor bounty hunting activities and anyone interested in becoming one should speak with the relevant authorities to begin the process.

Who is a Bounty Hunter?

When bail bond agencies arrange surety bail bonds for their clients, their also responsible for making sure that the clients attend all of the trail proceedings establishing their guilt/innocence.  Sometimes clients panic and run from their trials, which is basically a lost investment for their bail agents. So, to recover the bail, the agency hires bounty hunters to bring the runaway clients into custody and to recover the lost bail amounts.

The life of a bounty hunter is one that’s filled with adventure and danger, because you never know what a runaway defendant might do to avoid the law. As such, you need to carefully consider whether you wish to become one.

Bounty Hunter Qualification Process in Indiana

For you to qualify as a bounty hunter in Indiana, the process is as follows:

Eligibility Criteria

According to the Indiana Department of Insurance, you must meet the following criteria to become a bounty hunter:

  • You must be 18 years of age
  • You must be a citizen of the United States
  • Must have lived in Indiana for at least 6 months
  • Pass the state licensing exam
  • Provide a credit history report
  • Must undergo 12-hour pre licensing education
  • Should not have been in jail under any charges for the past 10 years
  • Pay $300 in licensing fee
  • Inform the sheriff where you reside in your capacity as a bounty hunter.

Examinations, Licensing and Training

These three steps are absolutely essential for you to qualify as a bail bond agent. You can register for your training at multiple local colleges and attend online courses that would give you a comprehensive training in the processes involved as a bail bond agent.

You must also pass the state licensing exam administered by the Indiana Department of Insurance. The fees for the exam is $100, it is a 60 MCQ test that is to be complete within an hour. When you go for the exam, you must provide proof of your pre-licensing qualifications from whatever college or online course you’ve taken.

Finally you will apply for a license, also with the Indiana Department of Insurance to qualify as a full fledged bail bond agent.

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