Bail Bondsmen Turned Bounty Hunters?

This is what we like to call the dark side of working as a bail bond agent. When we, or any other bail bond agency for that matter, arrange for bail for our clients, we take on a major responsibility. We take on the responsibility that our clients will attend their hearings and trials to ensure that the rule of law is maintained. From the perspective of a bail bond agency, not only do we lose a lot of money, but we’re also accountable to the courts for failing to uphold the promises we made on behalf of our clients.

So when one of our clients fails to uphold their responsibilities to the court, they also violate the contract they signed with us and compromise our standing in front of the court. At this point in time, to recover the costs and to make good on our promises, bail bond agents hire bounty hunters—or act as one—to make sure that clients make good on their legal responsibilities.

Not All Bail Bond Agents Are Bounty Hunters

Let’s make one thing clear, not every bail bond agent is a bounty hunter. Becoming one requires you to go through a rigorous training process that includes training, education, and examination procedures. However, most bail bond agencies in Indiana work with bounty hunters as an insurance policy to recover their losses.

The state of Indiana stringently regulates the activities of bounty hunters because it involves a manhunt for people who’re on the run from the law. For anyone interested, they should consult with the Bounty Hunter Association in Indiana to apply.

What is a Bounty and How is it Set?

When a defendant is released on bail, they’re set free under the condition that they will attend all subsequent court hearings. When they fail to do so, the bail bond agent is left with the responsibility of making sure that their clients meet their bail responsibilities. So if a client actually runs, they hire bounty hunters in exchange for a monetary reward—also called a bounty.

The amount of money is a percentage of the bail being paid in return for the efforts of the bounty hunter.

Avoiding Such an Event

To never be bothered by a bounty hunter, the best thing that a person can do is follow the rules set by the court and their contracts with bail bonds agencies.  For as long as you honor these agreements, there’s no reason for you to be subjected to a manhunt, which can be a rather uncomfortable experience, to say the least.

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