The Ways in Which a Bail Bondsman Can Help You

For starters we genuinely do hope that people reading this are doing so more out of personal interest and less due to legal necessity. If some unfortunate instance has occurred and left you with legal charges, getting bail is probably something you need to consider.

Though the prison population in the state of Indiana is on the decline according to sources, if you’re someone who needs to make bail, bail bonds are something you need to look into.

Bail and Bail Bonds and Bail Bondsmen

Bail bonds are a specific kind of surety bond that allows for payment of a portion of the total bail amount. In the state of Indiana, the defendant can proceed to fight their case from outside prison as long as they adhere to prescribed Indiana bail laws upon submission of a surety bond.

Speeding Up the Process

Bail bondsmen play a number of roles in help you procure a viable surety or bail bond. The first thing the bondsman will do is liaise between you and the court to establish or set a bail amount. Once amounts are set and charges are discussed, the bondsman will approach you for final approval. They help streamline this entire process making things move along a lot quicker.

Saving Your Money (and Skin)

Bail amounts depending on what the alleged crime is, can be extremely steep. It is not uncommon for people to have to give up their cars, homes and other properties just so they can make bail.

A bail bondsman does two things that are extremely helpful. The first is that they make the bail amount a lot more financially manageable. As opposed to paying the full amount, you end up paying a non-refundable ten percent of the total.

The bail bondsman covers your full bail costs and acts as a guarantor to the court ensuring your presence at all hearings and adherence to any court placed restrictions.

Bringing it Together

In short, a bail bondsman helps ensure that you are granted bail and allowed to fight your case from a safe environment. They also take the sudden financial load off you allowing you to divert finances to legal counsel as well as to avoid having to lose your home or other valuable property.

If you require bail, a bail bondsman is probably the way to go!

I Need a Bail Bondsman!

Are you located in Indiana and need a bail bondsman to help with a friend, family member or loved one who may be facing legal action, Delaughter Bail Bonds has got your back! We’re here to help keep you safe till your case is cleared and service numerous counties in Indiana. Our service areas include Huntington County Tippecanoe County, Fulton County, Elkhart County and more. Select your local county for more service details or email us right away. You can even call us on (260)578-0505 for emergencies and someone at your 24 hour bail bond service will receive you.

Hold it together, take a deep breath and focus on having those charges cleared! Good luck!

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