Making the Most of Your Bail: Working With your Lawyers

Depending on which US state you reside in, sources show that incarceration rates as well as legal policies relating to parole, bail and other particulars do vary. What doesn’t change are the basics. When it comes to criminal offenses, you have bailable and non-bailable offenses as well as non-bailable offenses that allow room for bail application and bail hearings.

There are many things that make seeking bail beneficial. Apart from avoiding the traumatic jail environment, being out on bail allows you to continue with your profession or other day to day responsibilities while you fight to prove your innocence.

Bail and Working with Lawyers

Apart from the pointers mentioned above, being out on bail means you can and should be able to work more closely with your lawyers and hence take a more proactive role in ending your case. We will now elaborate on this.

lawyer and defendant

Working with a Lawyer from Prison

You may already know that when in prison, you do have access to numerous basic rights on paper. Access to a lawyer or lawyer time is also one of these rights or privileges. Though you will be able to meet and work with your lawyer when on the inside, you’ll pretty much be at the mercy of our representation.

The meeting times you are allowed will be limited and scheduled by the prison which means you can’t just connect with your lawyer as and when. Apart from this, when it comes to your case, there is little you can do but pay your lawyer fee and hope the attorney you have hired really does have your best interest at heart.

Monetary Factors

Lawyers can be expensive as anyone who is fighting a case will know. Even if you’re not bringing in a heavy hitter, it will cost you. Being out on bail means that your stream of income will not be affected half as much as it would if you were in prison.

This allows you to afford your attorney fees and retain a lawyer that has the experience and qualifications to help you clear your charges.

Working with a Lawyer when Out on Bail

The biggest advantage about being out on bail is that you get to take an active role in pushing your case forward. Let’s face it; all lawyers do not have their client’s best interests at heart. Sometimes, they need a little extra push for them to make your case a priority. After all, lawyers too are human and you can find all sorts.

What is good about being out of prison is that you can proactively be a part of your case. You can get after your lawyer if the process seems to be dragging. You can provide more information and use your personal connections to support you where possible.

Best of all, unlike when behind bars, you will be able to think clearly and maybe even make viable contributions and recommendations to your casework. All this does help streamline the process and allows for things to move more smoothly. It also reduces the risk of misunderstanding and miscommunication making for much cleaner coordination and much cleaner case presentation.

In Conclusion

As a 24 hour bail bond service company in Indiana state working in numerous counties in the region including Wabash, Shelby, Rush, White, and Benton County, we know a thing or two about the system. We’ve seen guys with smaller charges go in and get stuck and others with larger charges have themselves acquitted while being out on bail. Staying out of prison does help!

If you’re located in Indiana and need bail bond services, select your local county and get started. Alternatively, connect with us via email or call us on call us on (260)578-0505. We hope things turn out alright!

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