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When Do You Need a Surety Bond?

It is normal to panic and feel stressed if your loved one gets arrested. But you must keep it together and act quickly to get them released.

A surety bond does this. It allows the arrested individual to get out of jail as soon as possible.

This is especially true for situations where someone is arrested for a suspected crime. They don’t have to remain locked up. A judge can set bail for them, which can be paid by you or a bail bonds agency if you don’t have the financial means.

This process can be a little overwhelming, but with a surety bond, you can get your loved one out of jail without paying cash. Here’s what you need to know.


What is a Surety Bond and When Do You Need It?

A surety bond is a type of bail bond and the most common option. Cash bonds can be very costly that is why surety bonds are a good idea if the bail amount is higher than you can afford.

When you’re obtaining a surety bond from a licensed bail bonds agent, you will be required to pay an upfront price, which is typically ten percent of the bail set. The leftover amount is paid by the bail bonds agency, but you will need to give collateral for security reasons.


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Why Choose a Surety Bond?

When you or a loved one lands in jail, you want to secure their release as soon as possible. Unfortunately, most people don’t have the full amount of money lying around for a cash bond.

A surety bond requires just a percentage of the total bail, which is significantly less than the complete amount, and it ensures your loved one gets released quickly. With the help of a licensed bail bonds agent, you won’t have to worry about the money. A bail bonds agency like ours also ensures that you’re guided throughout the process and meet your court dates.


Get Affordable Bail Bond Services in Allen County Today

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