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What to Do After A Traffic Crash

Traffic crashes are a common occurrence in Indiana. In the year 2018, there were 873 traffic deaths. According to government reports, fatalities are more common in rural areas of Indiana, compared to urban neighborhoods.

If you’ve been through a similar situation, here’s a guide on what to do:


No matter who is at fault, you should never run away from an accident scene. Stopping is a legal obligation that you need to comply with. Even if no one has been physically hurt, stop your car the moment the accident takes place. If you were at fault and escape, this could be used against you in the court, and you may end up in greater trouble.

You should also make sure you carry a flashlight with you in your car. If the accident occurs at night when it’s dark, the flashlight will help you stay safe and take a look at your disabled car. While you’re at it, limit your conversation with the other party. You don’t need to admit your fault. Leave it to the legal counsel.

Get the right information

Before the authorities are informed, make sure you gather all the right information. Get the contact details, addresses, and names from all the parties involved in the accident. We recommend recording all the details regarding the driver’s license, vehicle identification, and plate number. This information will help you with insurance claims.

To file the police report, you will also need all the information regarding the driver and the accident itself. Accident details include the time and date of the accident, the exact location, the direction you had taken, and details of what happened to the car. To prepare and record the information, you can also collect a car accident form from the local police station. The forms vary for each state, and they make it easy for you to organize your information. You may also take photos if you please.

Seek legal support

The type of legal support you seek depends on the position that you are in. If the other party is at fault, you need to speak to the police authorities and get it sorted. However, if you have been arrested, you need help from a bail bond agent. A bail bond agent will help you escape legal trouble and post your bail.

If you’re strapped for cash, bail bonds work as an ideal solution. Instead of paying the bail amount, the agency only requires you to pay the commission and deposit collateral. After coming out of jail, you can put in all of your time and energy in preparing for the trial.

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