How Do Immigration Bonds Work?

Arrests can happen to anyone, anywhere, and at any time! Getting arrested abroad is particularly stressful since you don’t always know who to turn to.

Here’s a plausible way out: consider signing an immigration bail bond.

What are immigration bonds?

If your friend gets detained for a minor traffic violation, you will need to sign a regular surety bail bond to help them get out of jail. On the other hand, if they are detained for immigration-related reasons, you will sign an immigration bond. If your friend or relative who has been arrested is an immigrant, these bail bonds are your best bet.

Unlike a routine arrest, such arrests are carried out and regulated by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE). In the case of such arrests, the ICE has the authority to decide whether the defendant needs to be released on personal recognizance or bail. The ICE also sets the bail amount that has to be paid.

Different types of immigration bonds and how they work

Immigration bonds can be broadly classified as either voluntary departure bonds or delivery bonds.

a.    Voluntary departure bonds

Voluntary departure bonds are used if the immigrant is undocumented and wishes to leave the country at their own expense. In this case, ICE specifies the designated time during which they must depart. This type of bond can be signed either after the legal removal proceedings or before they begin. The bond is paid in full to the ICE. The amount is refundable after the defendant leaves the country. If they fail to do so, the bond is forfeited.

b.    Delivery bonds

The second category goes by the name of delivery bonds. This type of bond only allows the defendant to be temporarily released. They will eventually have to return for their scheduled hearings. Delivery bonds are closely similar to regular surety bonds.

However, delivery bonds come with a set of terms and conditions. To be released on a delivery bond, the defendant must receive an arrest warrant from the ICE. They must also receive a notice of custody conditions along with it. All of these documents need to be presented at the time of the immigration hearings.

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