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What Information Does Your Bail Bondsman Need?

Stuck behind bars and don’t have enough money to pay the bail amount? No need to worry. What you can do is get in touch with a reliable bail bondsman company in order to get out of jail as quickly as possible.

However, before the bondsman agrees to work with you, they will need some information. This includes:

Where Is the Person Being Held

The bondsman needs to know all the details about the accused. These include the crimes they have committed along with the place where they are currently being held in custody.

There is a reason why they need this information. These people have been involved in this business for a long time and they have contacts in the right places. They can use their influence to speed up the bail process.

The process of getting bail is also fairly complicated and these people can use the information in order to start preparing the necessary documents etc.

They will also develop terms of agreement, which are agreeable to both clients as well as the agents. You might also want to inform them about your past criminal record. This is important because it can impact the bail amount.

Booking Number

Simply giving the name of the accused is not enough. You will also need to provide details like booking number to the bondsman. In jail, the booking number serves as the identification of the prisoner.

It’s also used to keep track of the case and the person’s activity in the jail. The last thing you want to do is cause a mix up and delay the bail process.

The Bail Amount

The bail amount varies. It is determined on the basis of different factors which include the crime committed and the past record of the accused.

A bondsman needs to know the bail amount because their fees are a percentage of the bail. Furthermore, they pay bail on behalf of the client and are responsible for making sure they do not skip a single hearing.

Since their money is at stake, they do everything possible to mitigate the risks. To do so they make sure that the client is responsible and cooperates with them.

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