Upholding Freedom: The role of Bail Bonds Agents

According to sources, Indiana’s recent prison overhauls have among other things contributed to overcrowding in prisons. Despite this and a reduction in the number of those incarcerated in the system, the state still ranks as the 24th highest by way of incarceration according to statistics

As an affordable 24 hour bail bond company servicing various counties in the region, we are sometimes asked about what role our bail bond agents play. Here’s how our agents may help!

Bail Bond Agents and the Role they Play

Bail bond agents are trained and specialized members of the legal system operating under full licensing and registration. Such agents are well versed in various stages of the legal process pertaining to being granted bail. They work in favor of the accused to help keep those who have not been proven guilty out of prison until a final verdict has been reached.

Bail Approval and Amount Setting

Bail approval involves taking into account the defendant’s priors, community reputation, personal tendencies and other particulars. Navigating the bail setting process and negotiating a set bail amount is the first thing a bail bondsman will do. Once this has been established it’s on to the next step.


Financial Facilitation

Regardless of whether or not you truly are guilty, the bail amount set will take into account whatever you have been charged for. This amount can be extremely high and under normal circumstances might require that you place property or other personal assets as surety in the absence of cash. This is risky business.

The second role a bail bondsman will play is making your bail payment in full leaving you to pay only ten percent of the total amount. This is usually far more manageable that having to post bail on your own by way of finance. The bondsman will keep the 10% as charges for services rendered but save you an immense amount of money or resources in any case.

Follow-ups and Guarantees

Finally, a bail bondsman will take a passive role in making sure you show up for your hearings and keep with whatever terms were agreed upon. They may do so via follow up messages, calls or polite reminders. In the instance that you do not show up for hearings however, the ten percent you pay on your bail is forfeit to the court.

In Conclusion

Not everyone who has been accused of a crime is guilty and for such folk, the inside of a prison may often do more harm than good. Regardless of the situation, fighting a case from the outside is a lot more manageable than it would be from within and a bail bondsman is a professional who helps you do just that.

If you’re looking for a bail bondsman in Indiana, select your location from our service areas and let’s get started. If you have other questions, feel free to connect with us via email or call us on (260)578-0505. If you didn’t do it and need help staying out of prison, we’ve got you!

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