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Tips for Dealing With the Police

The police make around ten million arrests every year! In other words, an arrest takes place in the country every three seconds. Does this mean that all ten million of these to-be defendants end up being declared guilty for alleged crimes? Certainly not. 

But what it does imply is that the police are capable of making mistakes and arresting the wrong people. In order to prevent a mishap during a wrongful arrest, you need to know your rights and understand how to deal with the police. 

Here are a few tips that may help:

Keep your calm

Losing your calm with law enforcement agents will only make matters worse. Remember: arguing with the police will just escalate the situation and imply guilt. 

After all, they don’t have the authority to set you free. The final verdict is the judge’s to make. Therefore, don’t waste your time trying to convince them you’re not guilty. 

At the same time, if you get too nervous or fidgety, the police officer might get suspicious of your behavior and will start asking extra questions. If this happens, stick to the facts and don’t speak unnecessarily. Most importantly, keep your tone calm and composed. 

Lastly, never use force. Police officers are extensively trained in restraining anyone who behaves violently. 

Always demand a warrant

The police can only enter your house if they have a legal and valid arrest warrant. If they don’t, you have every right to refuse them entry. It’s also important to know that an officer can only search the house if the warrant specifies it. The warrant also specifies the exact spaces that can be searched. This is why you should read it carefully before letting them in. 

The best way to do so is to ask the officer to show you the warrant through the window or from under the door. Don’t open the door. If you need to speak to the officer, go outside and immediately close the door behind you.

Make sure you don’t physically refuse the search. Just calmly state that you don’t consent—verbally. 

Assert your rights

It’s your legal right to ask questions politely so you can know what’s going to happen to you. Feel free to ask them questions—as long as they’re relevant. 

Just because the police put you in a squad car doesn’t mean they’re taking you to jail. But even if you’re being detained, the officers should inform you. 

According to the Law of Indiana, you don’t have to speak to the police officer if you don’t want to. You don’t have to explain your case to them. You can always ask a parent, guardian, or attorney to do so on your behalf. 

Another important right that the law grants you is bail. No officer can keep you from contacting a bail bond agent. Politely request to make a phone call and speak to your local bail bond agent. 

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