The Responsibilities Involved with Bailing Someone Out of Jail

set of skeleton keys and jail cellsDo you have a loved one who is currently in jail? One of your priorities is most likely to get them out and back home while they await trial, but the bail bond process can be tricky to navigate. It is essential to understand all aspects of bail bonds in Indiana to ensure your loved one’s freedom while they prepare their legal case.

Once a defendant is arrested, they will go before a magistrate who sets the bond. Once this bond has been established, you can then pay the predetermined amount. Depending on the severity of the crime, the amount set may be more than one person can take on by themselves. If you are in need of bail bond assistance, our team at DeLaughter Bail Bonds can help.

When you are signing a loved one out of jail, you become the indemnitor for them. This means you assume financial responsibility for someone else’s bond. As the indemnitor, you are entirely responsible for the defendant. Your responsibilities include the following:

  • You must ensure the defendant appears in court
  • You take full responsibility or any incurring cost involved with the case
  • You are responsible for paying a fugitive recovery agent if the defendant does not appear in court