The Most Important Things to Tell Your Lawyer When You’re Arrested

It’s okay if you’ve landed in a bit of legal trouble. But it’s not okay to lie your way out of jail. The consequences are severe, including everything from the revocation of your bail to increased jail time.

But beyond the court of law, it’s even more essential that you never lie to your bail bond agent or attorney. You need to fill them in so they can advise you to the best of their abilities; your freedom may depend on it.

Here’s everything you must tell your lawyer after you’ve been arrested:

Criminal history

The court’s verdict—including the bail decision—depends on the defendant’s past criminal history. A classic example of this is the law surrounding DUIs. If you are found to be driving under the influence for a second or third time, the fine will be much higher. 

Make sure your attorney is informed of all past convictions and penalties—if any. If they present a different case to the court, the judge might revoke your bail on account of misrepresentation or fraud. 

case file

Moreover, if they’re aware of past charges, they’ll be able to give you a decent estimate of the expected bail amount and will guide you accordingly.

The series of events

Whatever happened at the site of the incident, make sure you’ve informed your attorney about every detail. These details will help them build a strong case at the time of the trial. They’ll also help them investigate the case further, and decide upon the best course of action. 

The attorney needs the right information to collect physical evidence, interview witnesses, and gather relevant data to present an effective defense. They’ll also put you in touch with the relevant DNA profiling agencies and mental health experts. 

Once you have your attorney on board, get in touch with a reliable bail bond agent to secure your bail. DeLaughter Bail Bonds is your best bet if you’re based in Indiana. Get in touch now. 

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