The Duties of A Bail Bondsman—The Ways In Which a Bail Agent Can Help You

According to Investopedia, a great bail bond agent or a bail bondsman is a key figure who helps defendants out in the proceedings of their case. 

While is it a judge’s job to set your bail amount, only a bail bond agent can help you escape jail time. A bail bond agent is nothing short of a godsend who sticks by your side when you’re out of cash and separated from family. 

Irrespective of your criminal history and case details, they’ll ask no questions and make all the necessary arrangements to post your bail. 

Here are some ways a bail bond agent may be able to help you:

Court Hearings

The judge only grants you bail on the condition that you’ll return for the hearings and that a proper trial will be conducted. If the defendant fails to do so, they can face several consequences, some of which are as below:

  1. They will lose the bond money as well as the collateral
  2. The agency will send bounty hunters to track you down 
  3. The judge might give a verdict against you that will harm your reputation

Your bail bond agent will maintain a schedule of all your hearings and will remind you when they’re due. They will make sure you know when and how you’re supposed to appear in front of the court and the consequences of skipping these hearings. 



To formally execute the bond, substantial paperwork has to be filled out and submitted to the court. This includes documenting all the details of the payment of the fee by the defendant. The court will only release you from jail if they’re convinced that you’ve fulfilled all the legal requirements and have signed all the right documents. 

Under the mental stress that being arrested puts you through, it’s not easy to take care of all of this on your own. A bail bond agent will not only prepare all the documents but will also present them to the court on your behalf. In addition, they will also make you sign the power of attorney document, which makes your agency a legal representative of your case. 

The best way to post bail is to invest in a bail bond agent that you can count on! Luckily, there are plenty of options in Indiana, but DeLaughter Bail Bonds stands out in terms of our excellent customer service. We serve citizens all across Indiana. Get in touch with us now. 

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