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Posting Bail is Half the Job

As someone looking to post bail, you should understand that posting bail is only one part of a bail bond agent’s responsibilities. Although the process of posting bail is immensely complicated and extensive, there is a whole collection of tasks that need to be fulfilled afterwards.

Once you secure bail, courts impose certain conditions that make your bail privileges conditional on the fulfillment of these conditions. Your bail bond agent can give you clear cut guidelines on how you’re supposed to live your life once you’ve posted bail. To that end, here are some services that your agent can carry out for you:

Make Sure you Attend All Court Proceedings

After you’ve made bail, you still haven’t shrugged the responsibilities of a defendant. Your bail is first and foremost conditional on how punctual you are to your court proceedings. You’re expected attend all of the following court sessions until your trial is concluded.

Many people lose out on their bail status because they refuse to attend trials. Your agent can keep reminding you of upcoming court dates that you must absolutely attend.


Transportation Services

In some cases, if you can’t arrange for transportation, you agents can help you find transport to your court proceedings or from jail to your residence. A large part of your bail bonds services includes facilitating your legal responsibilities and helping you get home safe to your families.

So they might also offer extra facilities to help you live a convenient life and in the process also fulfill your responsibilities to the court.

Provide Information on Defendant Responsibilities

As we said before, your bail privileges are conditional upon your fulfillment of defendant responsibilities. These can take multiple forms ranging from financial restrictions all the way to travel restrictions. Ultimately, this is a comprehensive set of conditions that you need to keep up with.

You can speak with your agent to ask for information and consultancy on how to live your life to the fullest without actually compromising your bail status. With their advice, there’s little chance that you will go wrong as a defendant.

24 Hour Availability

Many bail bond agencies are actually operational 24 hours a day to provide assistance to their clients. This assistance can take many forms whether its consultancy, arranging finance or any other requirements that they might need fulfilled.

With these services they ensure that their clients are not inconvenienced in any way because of the uncertainty of their legal status.

DeLaughter Bail Bonds has been working since 2009 to help the community of Indiana post bail. With operation across White County, Allen County, Miami County and many other regions in Indiana, we offer 24 hour bail bond services for any charges. Get in touch with us today to hire our agents for transfer and surety bond services or for more information on our services in Indiana.

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