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How Long Can the Police Hold You in Custody: A Guide to Your Rights

If it is your first time being arrested, you are likely unaware of your rights. Understanding your rights is very important as it can help you stay in control of the situation and raise your voice against any unjust actions. Plus, you will remain calm and collected, which is crucial to make the entire process easier.

One of the rights you should know about is how long the police can keep you in custody without charging you. Most people don’t know the duration and end up in jail for days without a proper representation or bail hearing.

To call for help or reach out to a bail bond agent, you should know the legal time police can hold you without any charge. Keep reading to find out.


The Right to a Speedy Trial: What Does the Constitution Say?

Every arrested person has a right to a speedy trial as per the sixth amendment to the Constitution of the US. The term speedy trial refers to the defendant being presented in court within a reasonable timeframe, without any delays. This ensures they do not stay in jail for no reason and a fair trial is conducted as soon as possible.

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The Right to a Speedy Trial: Time Limits

After you have been arrested, the police can hold you in custody for up to 72 hours. During this time, you are questioned by the prosecutors. Next, the prosecutors assess your case and decide if they want to press charges based on the evidence they find.

If they decide to proceed with the case, a trial is held. During the trial, the defendant is given a chance to defend themselves. The case may be dropped if the prosecution drops charges or if there is a plea bargain.

The Right to a Speedy Trial: The Violation of Rights

If you have been arrested and detained by the police, but not charged within the 72-hour time frame, it is considered a violation of your rights. In this case, your advocate can go to a judge and get a writ of habeas corpus.

This is an order that the court issues, directing the police to present you in court. This is to ensure that a judge decides if you’re being held lawfully or not.

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