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How Can A Bail Bond Get You Out Of Jail

Over half a million individuals kept in detention centers all over the US are pre-trial inmates. In other terms, these individuals are detained until a trial date is set for their legal session. Unfortunately, most of these convicts aren’t even criminals. However, they face time in prison only as the court system has issued high bail sums that they can’t afford.

In the United States, the maximum period of detention before sentencing is somewhere between 50 and 60 days. If the bail money isn’t paid, the period can be extended. In any event, being freed from judicial detention without making bail and reimbursing the bond sum is impossible.

If you or a family member has previously gotten in serious legal trouble, you are likely familiar with the terminology bail bonds. If you can’t manage to make your bail, bail bonds can rescue you. A bail bond firm simply asks you to deposit 10% of the overall cost, and they will cover the rest. To acquire the bond, you must additionally submit some security. The corporation retains the amount as an incentive once all of the court sessions are completed, and the case is concluded.

Take a look at this guide to learn how a bail bond can help you get your loved one out of jail.

How Long Will You Stay In Jail?

The duration of your stay is determined by a variety of variables. If it’s a misdemeanor offense, you could be able to leave within a few hours.

If you are deemed a violent criminal by the magistrate, you may not be freed in anyway. In Indiana, defendants suspected of assault are typically detained for eight hours, while those charged with driving while intoxicated are jailed until the effects of the liquor fade away. It also varies on when the conviction occurred. If the defendant is detained past midnight, they may have to wait until the next day to get assistance from relatives or a bail bondsman.

How Can You Get Out Of Jail?

The following are some legal ways to get of out jail in the US:

If the offender is charged with a minor violation, they may be released on ‘personal recognizance.’ The accused just need to give a signed assurance that they would attend all judicial proceedings. In this scenario, you don’t need to post bail.

A criminal can be freed on a cash bond if they already have the money to make bail. There’s also no obligation to contact a bail bond broker in this situation.

The final option is to use the services of a surety bond. The accused contacts a certified bail bond broker, who deposits the sum to the judge and assesses the client properly.

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People usually panic after their arrest and are unaware of who can help them from behind bars. No one likes being arrested. The process puts a lot at stake, including your mental health, financial standing, and even your reputation. This is why we strive to get you out of jail as soon as possible.

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