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How Bail Bonds Work

The concept of bail is not really that complicated. You just pay some cash and are released from prison on the condition that you will have to show up for trial whenever you are summoned.

In spite of that, people still struggle with understanding how bail bonds work. That’s because the process consists of several other details that people don’t really know about. We at Delaughter Bail Bonds understand how that might be a problem.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of things that would help readers understand how bail bonds work. Let’s take a look at some of the things you need to know about them:

Role of Bail in Criminal System

Bail plays an important role in the criminal proceedings since it limits the amount of jail time that is needed while simultaneously ensuring that the criminal will return to court whenever they are summoned.

The person who is arrested can be released from jail at any time. Furthermore, bail is not some kind of punishment. The amount is refunded to you once the case is over.

How Do Arrests Work?

A person is arrested by the police and law enforcement agencies when they are accused of a crime. The person is then transferred to jail for an administrative process which is known as ‘booking’.

In this process, police will take pictures of the accused and record their personal information. They will also take finger prints and any kind of physical possessions that the person has with them at that moment.

In some cases, the police might release you without filing charges however, if the crimes are too serious than the person will remain in custody until they are released by the court or one of their friends posts bail.

Bail Schedules

Bail schedules give details like the bail amount charged for a specific crime in different jurisdictions. This amount is determined under state laws.

State laws vary for different crimes. For example, in California, a bail hearing needs to be conducted for crimes like spousal battery and terrorist threats.

There are certain crimes for which there is no bail. These crimes include murder and sexual assaults.

Bail Hearings

During bail hearings, the judges will be assigned the responsibility for determining the bail amount. They will consider multiple factors before determining the amount. These include the likelihood of the person skipping trial, their past experience, criminal record and their income.

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