Here’s How You Need to Behave While Under Arrest

The first time you’re arrested isa frustrating, depressing, overwhelming, and expensive ordeal. A lot ofpeople find it hard to cope with the emotional distress,and end up acting inways that are detrimental to them.

But the arrest process will only worsen if youdon’t think it through. Always remember to keep calm and don’t let your emotions get the best of you.

Here’s a small guide on how to behave if you’re arrested:

Never use force

The policewho are arresting you are employees of law-enforcement agencies. They’re doing so because they have a legal right, not because they feel like it. So ifyou think that you can use force and get away with it, you’re mistaken.


If you somehow hurt anofficer, you’llland in moretrouble than you were initially going to jail for. Always wait for things to unfold in their due course and through a legal procedure. Fighting back will only tarnish your reputation and escalate the situation.

Realize that the police can lie to you

Although we don’t encourage arguing with the police, you can politely ask questions. Law enforcement agents aren’tentitled to take you into custody if they don’t have a legal arrest warrant.

Any arrest that takes place without a warrant is unconstitutional. The police also have no right to search your home at the time of arrest if they don’t have your consent or a warrant. Sometimes, thepolice goadarrestees into confessingpromise to reduce their sentence in return. In reality, the police have no such authority.

At the same time, try to remember all the details of the encounter so you can narrate them to alawyer later on. If the police misbehaved with you, you have a right to complain. The police have no right to arrest you on false grounds or keep you misinformed.

Ask to call a bail bond agent

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