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Got Pulled Over? Here’s What to Do

Losing your cool after getting pulled over can backfire. As stipulated in the US law, there are many factors that drivers needs to consider when driving on the road. However, the exact reason of getting pulled over will only be disclosed if you abide by the officer’s instructions.

In this blog, we have discussed a step by step course of action after getting pulled over.

Park Your Car on a Safe Spot

The police either uses their siren or a loudspeaker to announce the vehicle number they want to pull over. If that vehicle is yours, stay calm and look for a safe spot to park your car.

Once your car is parked, wait for the officer’s instructions. Don’t try to reach for anything in the dashboard, the floor of the vehicle or the backseat. Keep your hands on the steering where your fingers are visible. Rushing or demonstrating aggressive behavior can imply that you’re hiding something or driving under the influence.

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Record As Much As You Can

Sometimes, drivers are pulled over without a solid reason. Try to keep record of your conversation with the police officer. Don’t try to pull a smart move that might end you up in an arrest. Just remember each and every detail about getting pulled over and stay inconspicuous about it.

Sign the Citation If Asked

Drivers often feel that signing a citation offered by a police officer on the road is akin to admitting that they’re guilty. However, that’s not always the case. Consider it as a recognition of that you’re the individual who aims to pay the fine or appear in court. Hence, it’s imperative to sign it in order to be able to dispute a wrongful fine or accusation.

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