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Easy Tips to Avoid Paying Too Much in Bail

If your family or friend is put behind bars for a crime they didn’t commit, you’ll do everything in your control to free them. This includes agreeing to pay whatever amount of bail demanded of you.

We understand that desperate times call for desperate measures, but you need to know the bail bond fees’ reasonable rate. You shouldn’t have to empty your savings to purchase the freedom of your loved ones.

Here are some easy tips to avoid paying excessive bail to get an innocent person out of jail.

Percentage of Bail

The bail bondsman will charge a small percentage of the bail to offer their service. This means that, e.g., 10% of the amount set for the bail will need to be directed to the bondsman as a premium.

Note that the amount that you owe to the bondsman will depend on the severity of the allegation, which determines the value of the bail. The larger the bail, the more you pay in bail bonds fee.

If the bondsman you approach demands anything above and beyond that, turn their service down. It’s financially exploitative. You can come to us for an affordable rate.

Wait for Bail to Be Lowered

We know that the people close to the one jailed will use every contact and means to get them out. But impatience can make your case worse. It’s wise to wait until the first court hearing before contacting a bail agent.

There are chances of bail being lowered after the hearing, and that can reduce the amount you’ll have to pay to us. We’re here to help you attain freedom and don’t intend to exploit your situation to make money; we only charge what’s fair.

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Contact Reliable Bail Agents

One way to check if the bail agents you’ve contacted are reliable is to note the documents they ask for. If they’re asking for basic personal information and your location details before taking on your case legally, they can be trusted. These are the only credentials you need to secure your release by delivering a bail bond to the court.

In case you’re unable to pay the required amount, you might be asked to provide collateral or a co-signer. If the bail agents you ask for any other information or documents, you need to do a background check on them; they might be overcharging to fill their pockets unfairly.

It’s unbearable to have someone you love be put behind bars unfairly and pay a hefty price to free them. That’s why DeLaughter Bail Bonds is here to save the day. We offer 24-hours bail bond services in Whitley County. With our bail agents working on your case, you’ll be out of jail in no time. We don’t make freedom an unaffordable luxury; you’ll find our rates to be very reasonable. Reach out to their bail agents today.

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