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Common Misdemeanors That Get People Arrested

Many individuals confuse misdemeanors with felonies. However, misdemeanors refer to criminal acts that may not be as severe as felonies. Although misdemeanors are less serious than felonies, you may face significant penalties or jail time if convicted. Knowing the most frequent misdemeanors for which people are arrested might help you avoid them.

Below is a list of common misdemeanors that can get you arrested.

Common Misdemeanors That Get People Arrested

Here is a list of a few common misdemeanors that usually get people arrested:

Indecent Exposure

It is easy for many individuals to misinterpret this misdemeanor since it could mean different things to different individuals, and every jurisdiction could have a different concept of it. In most regions, it entails voluntarily urinating in public or displaying one’s private parts to another individual.

Public Intoxication

In some regions, being intoxicated in public is considered a misdemeanor. It is mostly described as acting disorderly when impaired by drugs or alcohol on private or public property.

The penalties for this offense might vary since it is dealt with locally. Although certain states do not have laws prohibiting intoxication in public places, some counties and localities do.

Basic Assault

Basic assault can mean hurting an individual without intending to cause an injury. However, how a basic assault is interpreted usually depends on the responding officer and the state.

The assault might imply that you intentionally intended to hurt somebody or made unwanted touch, no matter how friendly. However, one exception to this legislation is that if an individual assaults a law enforcement official, their crime will be considered a felony.

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DUI (Driving under the influence)

Driving a vehicle when intoxicated by a drug, usually alcohol, is known as a DUI, which stands for “driving under the influence.” Many individuals may be unaware of this; however, one can also get a DUI if one takes prescription medication or illegal drugs.

Certain states refer to a DUI as OWI, meaning “operating while intoxicated.” Usually, states like Michigan, Indiana, and Wisconsin use this phrase.


Trespassing can be described as unauthorized entry into a restricted property area. You will commonly notice signs prohibiting entry in areas where visitors are not welcome.

Trespassing is sometimes punished similarly to receiving a parking fine. However, this varies greatly on where you live. The majority of government officials, as well as the police and those who work with utility meters, are exempt from trespassing regulations.

Bottom Line

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