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Answering Your Questions about Bail Bonds

It is common for individuals who do not have prior experience in getting bail bonds to have several questions and feel confused about the process involved in acquiring them. We have compiled answers to common bail bond FAQs to help clear some of your concerns.

Answers to Common Bail Bond FAQs

1. Who Determines The Bail Sum?

The judges in charge of a case are the ones who determine the bail value. The judge considers factors like the severity of the crime, the likelihood of an individual committing the crime again, and the chances of a defendant fleeing from the jurisdiction before the trial to determine the bail amount.

2. How to Get a Bail Bond?

There are several ways a person can get a release from custody. You can hire licensed bail bondsmen, post-money for the entire bond value with the jail or court, or use real estate to pay off the bail amount.


3. Can An Individual Out On Bond Leave The Region Or The Country?

Before leaving the county or state, you must obtain written approval from your bonding office. Before traveling, you must get approval from your bail bond agency and the judge. You may get arrested if the judge has issued specific orders for you not to leave the region or nation and fail to follow the orders.

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4. What Should I Do If I Believe The Defendant Won’t Attend Court Once I Pay The Bond?

If you think the defendant will fail to attend the court once you pay the bond, you must contact the bondsmen at the bail bonds agency to discuss what you can do to avoid this from happening.

5. What Items Are Acceptable As Collateral For Bail Bonds?

Bail bondsmen will take a variety of collateral, including jewels, bonds, stocks, vehicles, credit cards, and real estate. It is recommended to speak with your bail bondsmen for further information on what may be used as collateral for a bail bond because each bail bonds agency is different, and some may accept certain items while others may not.

6. Is A Bail Bond Agency The Sole Option For Releasing Someone From Custody?

There are two options for individuals seeking to release their loved ones from jail.

  1. You can hire a licensed agency like DeLaughter bail bondsfor Bail Bonds in Whitley Countyor other counties in Indiana.
  2. You can simply submit the entire bail amount. A complete return of the bail money may be granted. However, this method has several drawbacks since there can be unpaid court costs and fines. The fact that it occasionally takes the court anywhere between a year or two to return your funds is another drawback of this bail payment method.

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