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Bail vs. Bond: Difference and Comparison

Bail or a bail bond is the money paid to the court so that the accused in a criminal case can be temporarily released. They ensure that the defendant will attend all their hearings and cooperate with the courts throughout their trial hearing. Besides, trial hearings in courts don’t start right away. Individuals who are a flight risk are more liable to be asked to pay hefty bail bonds.

The criminal justice system in the US is a layered matrix. Let’s consider a few processes to understand how a bond distinguishes from a bail.

Financial Sources

The bail is the amount paid to keep an offender out of jail. If a defendant can’t afford to pay the bill, they reach out to a bail bond agent to pay their dues. Our bail bond service in Miami County, IN, even ensures that the defendant attends all their court proceedings. The sources of both direct bail and a bail bond are thus different. You will need a third-party bail bond surety for a bond.

Cash Returns for Bonds and Bails

When a defendant is proven innocent, the entire bail amount is returned. In the case of bonds, the small amount of money a defender paid is not returned to the defendant—more like paying a small debt for taking money from a third party.

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Case 1: The Defendant Fails to Appear in Court for Their Hearings

Defendants are not allowed to leave the country while they are on bail. The precaution is taken to prevent absences from court hearings. If the defendant misses a hearing, the court confiscates their bail money. In Indiana, the defendant must appear for pre-trial sessions as well. The process includes meeting the attorneys and listening to any motions the attorney wants to file.

In the case of bonds, if the defendant doesn’t show up during the hearing, the bonds will not be refunded. The defendant must pay the bond price to the bond service they contacted.

At DeLaughter Bail Bonds in Indiana, we ensure this doesn’t happen with proper pre-trial reminders to our clients. Get in touch with us today for more information.

Bail Grants

The arraignment trial in most law proceedings decides whether the offender can have a pre-trial release. In serious criminal cases, bail is not granted. The offender will have to serve jail time before and during their trial.

During such difficult times, we ensure our 24 hour bail bondsmen or service provides affordable surety bonds for our clients in Indiana. We offer our services in around 14 counties in the Hoosier State. Our bonds include both surety bonds and bail bonds. For more details, call 260-578-0505

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