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Bail Bonds: Everything You Need to Know

Once you are arrested, you will be informed about your court appointed lawyer and the hearing date. Before your hearing, your lawyer will file for bail. This provides an opportunity for you to get out of jail while the trial commences.

If you are granted bail, you will require a bond as well. If your bail is set at a small amount, you could probably pay the court yourself but if the bail is high, you will require a bail bondsman to step up.

Basic facts about bail bonds

  1. Bonds are of different nature; you and the court can come to a middle ground about the type of the bond you shall pay the court with.
  2. One needs to understand that bonds are actually a surety that you pay the court to ensure that you will be present at every trial date.
  3. Bonds are not money that you pay to the opposite party for the loss you allegedly caused them.
  4. The bond amount is set by the court and the defendant doesn’t have the right to negotiate.
  5. Anyone can provide you the bail bond money—that person has to be responsible for bringing you to court at hearings.
  6. The bail bonds are usually set according to your prior records, age, wealth, and criminal capacity.


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Types of bail bonds

As mentioned before, there are different types of bonds. Even if you can’t negotiate the amount; you can choose the type of bond you use to get bailed out.

Cash bonds

These are the easiest types of bonds, as they’re paid in cash and the amount is not set too high. The bail can be paid immediately at the trial date.

Property bonds

These are bit more complex as the bond amount is paid with valuables; real-estate, automobiles, jewelry and more.

Federal bonds

These bonds are set very high, as the bail bonds are set for federal offenses. In most federal offense cases, the defendant is not even let out on bail.

Surety bonds

These bail bonds can be received from a bail bonds man when you hire them; it is surety money that the bail agent provides the courts ensuring that they will be responsible for the actions of the defendant.

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